Lytx: Put fleet-tracking equipment in your car

Steve Hobson
May 2, 2019

Fleet tracking experts Lytx (3D16) is talking to fleet managers at the show about the best way to convince drivers and their unions that driver-facing cameras and driver behaviour analysis software is intended to protect rather than discipline drivers.

One way could be for managers to agree to have the technology fitted in their own cars first to demonstrate the safety benefits – Lytx has found that in the 850,000 vehicles worldwide with its systems installed there is a 50% reduction in collisions.

Lytx is showing its ActiveVision driver distraction and fatigue detection system that uses a combination of artificial intelligence and machine vision to alert drivers and managers if a driver is dozing off or distracted.

Ofelia Chernock, Lytx market development manager, said: “Managers should install them in their own cars to convince drivers of the benefits. This is about developing a strong safety culture and improving relationships between management and drivers. The transport industry needs to take a lead on this.”

As autonomous vehicle technology like automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control and automatic lane keeping develops, intelligent trucks will take over more and more of the mundane tasks involved in driving on trunk roads long before trucks become truly driverless. This could increase the risk of boredom and distraction for drivers who will have little to do for long periods of time but may be required to take back full control suddenly in an emergency.

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