Macfarlane Packaging improve green credentials with electric Renaults

Matthew Macconnell
March 29, 2023

One new 16-tonne articulated EV truck and four 3.5-tonne EV vans have been added to the Macfarlane Packaging fleet as part of the Group’s carbon reduction strategy.

The Renault E-Tech D trucks have been supplied to Macfarlane Group by rental company Fraikin and will be used across the country to supply protective packaging for a range of industries including medical, electronical and industrial products.

The trucks provide a payload of up to 11 tonnes and are powered by a 250hp single electric motor with a range of up to 347 miles from a battery of up to 565kWh.

Tim Hylton, Macfarlane packaging logistics director, said: “Deploying electric vehicles in our delivery fleet is a great way for Macfarlane Packaging to reduce our carbon emissions. Combined with our best practice driving programme, gradually increasing the number of zero-emission electric vehicles we operate will see us reduce fuel use and lower our impact on the environment. Together, this will ensure that we can deliver vital packaging to protect the products of our customers across the UK in an environmentally friendly way”.

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