Majors Service buys new for first time with Volvo FH I-Save

George Barrow
March 25, 2021

Wolverhampton-based Majors Service taken delivery of 15 new Volvo FH tractor units with I-Save. The Unlimited Edition 6x2 tractor units are the first new vehicles for a company which has always bought second-hand since being established 24 years ago but were persuaded by the fuel saving potential of the new trucks.

The vehicles are replacements for 13 used Volvo FH tractor units with the other two being additions to the fleet which predominantly does containerised haulage. The trucks will work five days a week and are expected to cover around 140,000km per year.

“We’re Volvo through and through; we started out with an FL10 and they have always been our primary manufacturer of choice,” said Majors Service director, Dalvinder Singh Boparai. “We find that Volvo is just a very good product to work with – they are reliable and don’t let you down. This latest FH Unlimited Edition with the high-spec Globetrotter XL cab is as good as you can get. When we combined that with the fuel figures the turbo compound I-Save engine could give us, it was a really easy decision in the end,” he added.

The trucks will be supplied by Volvo Truck and Bus Centre South & East who Major Service had an existing relationship with at their Wellingborough site.

“The second-hand Volvo tractor units we’ve run in the past are proven, robust trucks, but these are a real step up for us. Having new trucks on the fleet will help us reduce the number of parts we need to buy and just give us that added peace of mind.”

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