Mannok commits to hydrogen HGV trial with HVS

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March 13, 2024

Hydrogen Vehicle Systems (HVS) and Mannok Build have signed a memorandum of agreement to explore the potential to include hydrogen HGVs in Mannok’s fleet. The partnership will see the hydrogen fuel cell trucks join Mannok’s fleet for a trial period from late 2025. This will allow the company to identify how hydrogen vehicles can integrate into its fleet. The agreement is part of Mannok’s wider sustainability goals to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. 


Kevin Lunney, chief operations officer for Mannok, said: "We are excited about this partnership with HVS as it aligns perfectly with our commitment to sustainability and innovation. By exploring the integration of hydrogen fuel cell HGVs into our fleet, we are taking a crucial step towards achieving our net-zero carbon goals."


Mannok is a manufacturer and supplier of construction products including high-performance rigid insulation, aircrete thermal blocks, cement, roof tiles and precast concrete products. In 2020 the company rebranded from its former name Quinn and operates across the UK and Ireland with a history spanning five decades. 


Following the trial phase, Mannok will be able to establish how many hydrogen HGVs would suit their business. This is one of the first trials arranged for when the HVS trucks become available from next year. HVS is planning to be one of the first manufacturers to bring a hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle to market. 


John McLeister, chief commercial officer at HVS, said: "We are delighted to partner with Mannok in pioneering the integration of hydrogen fuel cell HGVs into its vehicle fleet. This collaboration represents a significant stride towards decarbonising the transportation sector and underscores our shared commitment to sustainability. We look forward to working together to transition to zero." 


The partnership will work together to explore the viability of hydrogen trucks for Mannok, looking at refuelling infrastructure, finance options, government incentives and warranty coverage. 


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