New fleet inspection manuals available

Chris Tindall
April 2, 2023

HGV operators will have access to new inspection manuals for their fleet vehicles from next month, following feedback from the industry. The DVSA said it had overhauled the inspection manuals after a review from its stakeholders and the changes come into effect from 1 April. The enforcement agency said some of the main updates include inappropriate modification; wheel flanges; free rolling tyres (FRTs) on front steered axles; seatbelt webbing; and flashing stop lamps. Trailer EBS conditioning processes and 1c tachograph fitment are also amended.

The DVSA explained that it had added the introduction of a failure for FRT-marked tyres, as well as adding a failure for loose wheel studs and bolts to the hub to include wheel flanges, in response to modern technology being introduced on HGVs. There will also be a clarification on the standards to apply for cuts and damage to seatbelt webbing and information on prohibitions that will be issued if all stop lamps are found to be flashing.

Copies of the updated inspection manual are available to read now on GOV.UK. The DVSA said operators should refer to the revision record section at the front of the manual and after the title page, which lists all of the updates

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