New generation Daf CF and XFs unveiled at CV Show 2017

Steve Hobson
April 25, 2017


The new generation Daf CF and XF tractor units unveiled today at the CV Show promise operators 7% better fuel economy on long-haul operations and weight savings of up to 130kg on the current line-up of the long-running cabs.

Drivers also get completely new interiors said to provide the highest driver comfort on the market, while engine service intervals have been extended to 200,000km. 

Daf Trucks president Preston Feight said: “Our current Euro-6 line up is already renowned for its fuel efficiency. Now we are setting a new industry standard.”

At the heart of the new trucks are new integrated drivetrains, with improved MX11 and MX13 engines, a new Traxon gearbox and upgraded drive axles that combine to produce a 3% fuel saving.

The MX11 is available in power and torque rating from 200hp and 1,350Nm to 449hp and 2,300Nm, while the MX13 goes from 428hp and 2,300Nm to a new top rating of 530hp and 2,600Nm.

Both continue to use a combination of SCR and EGR, but the exhaust after-treatment box has been made 40% smaller and 50kg lighter. As a result, it heats up to its optimum operating temperature quicker, contributing another 0.1% improvement in fuel economy.

A key feature is the ‘down-speeding’ of the engine, helped by the use of multi-torque settings that allow the engine to produce more torque at lower rpm in higher gears.

As a result the engines turn over at just 1,000rpm at 85km/h, 100rpm lower than before. A new turbo for the MX13 and a host of improvements to ancillary components contribute to the claimed fuel saving, while a 20% to 30% more powerful engine brake will extend brake lining life. 

Improved aerodynamics from the facelifted cab exterior save a further 0.5% on fuel, with a redesigned sun visor and better airflow around and under the cab.

An improved heating and ventilating (HVAC) system that uses residual heat in the cooling system to warm the cab and so avoid idling on cold days chips the final 0.2% fuel saving.

Weight savings have been achieved all over the truck, and come to 100kg on the 4x2 and 130kg on the 6x2 tractor with a new, lighter pusher axle.

The new interiors feature a revised instrument panel that now includes a tachograph countdown that warns drivers when it is time to take a break. The XF Super Space cab is still one of the most spacious cabs on the market with a total volume of 12.6m3.

“The new range is still offers the best in driver comfort,” said Feight. “We have made the best trucks on the market even better.”

The new XF and CF cabs will enter production this summer, starting with 4x2 tractor and rigid models, followed by the 6x2 variants.   

First Daf with Traxon control

The new generation trucks see the first outing on a Daf for the ZF Traxon gearboxes, said to offer reduced frictional losses and faster gear-changing.

The Traxon is said to improve driver comfort as it is quieter and smoother in operation and is available with 12 speeds as standard and 16 speeds as an option.

New low-friction rear axles now include a taller 2.05:1 drive ratio that helps reduce engine speed when cruising in top gear. Together these improvements contribute 1.7% better mpg.

Controlled by an all-new engine control unit (ECU) and software, the drivetrain has multiple modes that can be selected to suit the operation.

A host of improved fuel saving features including predictive cruise control, driver aids and EcoRoll are also included, which together improve fuel economy 1.5%

Where the claimed fuel saving comes from:

Engines 3%

Drivetrain 1.7%

ECU/software 1.5%

Aerodynamics 0.5%

HVAC 0.2%

After-treatment 0.1%

Total 7%


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