A new generation DAF XF on the cheap

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February 15, 2018

An operator has told CM he believes it is possible to update older DAFs to make them look like new generation examples.

Jayson Flegg, MD at Aylesbury-based Flegg Transport, said that several years ago, in order to freshen up the look of its fleet, it updated one of its 95 XFs to look like an XF 105, with a new grille and headlamps. He explained: “The basic XF cab is essentially the same as it was in 1995.

"It cost about £4,000 to change ours, involving some modifications around the door pillars and headlight cluster, with some welding also involved. As part of the process you would also need to get an auto electrical engineer to change the wiring. We are not thinking about doing it ourselves on this occasion, but it is possible to do.”

James Hart (Chorley) is an independent dealer that specialises in used DAFs. Dave Orritt, sales manager, said: “It would probably cost in the thousands to do, with a new bonnet, corner panels, headlights and bumper.

“As an operator it depends on what you want to try and achieve. If you want the look, then it’s a fantastic thing to do. However, if you need the performance of a new generation, then it’s maybe something you wouldn’t consider.”

One official DAF dealer CM contacted reported he was able to offer retail parts for the new generation XF, including a DAF front logo section for £260, a grille panel for £320 and an external sun visor for £290.

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