New Volvo FH16 780 is Europe’s most powerful truck

Will Shiers
January 30, 2024


Volvo has launched a 780hp (3,800Nm) version of the FH16, knocking Scania off its perch to become Europe’s most powerful production truck.

Although still known as an FH16, the truck is powered by an all-new 17-litre engine. Certified to also run on HVO, the D17 features a single turbocharger, which Volvo says boosts engine responsiveness and improves the driving experience. It uses the truck maker’s patented wave piston design, which optimises combustion and reduces emissions. A new injection system aids fuel economy, and increased peak cylinder pressure enables the higher power output.

The engine is being offered with three power ratings; 600hp (3,000Nm), 700hp (3,400Nm) and 780hp (3,800Nm). The I-Shift transmission has been upgraded to handle the additional torque levels.

Speaking at the launch in Gothenburg this week, Marcos Weingaertner, product manager at Volvo Trucks, said: “I’m proud to present our new engine – it really is a masterpiece and the result of world-class engineering. The 780hp version is the strongest engine in the industry.

“When climbing steep grades on a road with maximum loads, you don’t want to get stuck with too little torque and power. That is why we have focused all our efforts on making the D17 engine very powerful, reliable and responsive. For our customers, this translates into getting the job done faster with improved fuel efficiency.

“I’m confident that customers and drivers will appreciate the higher engine brake power as well as the ability to run on HVO and biodiesel. The D17 is a fabulous engine for a fabulous truck, and all our customers who rely on the Volvo FH16 in their daily work will now have an even more powerful tool to help them.”

Sales of the new engine start in the middle of 2024, with European production expected to start in the second half of the year.

The only production truck offering more power is the 800hp Shacman X6000, but that isn’t on sale in Europe.

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