PM Commercials: Dealer Drop-In

George Barrow
July 31, 2019

A quick visit to PM Commercials led us to an interesting selection of top quality and varied used trucks, but first owner Paul May lets us in on the secrets behind this current crop of used vehicles.

“Our stock is now running at about 80% Euro-6,” May says, “but there is a great opportunity to buy up Euro-5 vehicles still with low kilometres. Euro-5 trucks now are fantastic value. I can’t say the price has collapsed, but it has. If you’re in Devon, Cornwall or even the outskirts of London but never going to go in, you don’t need to buy a Euro-6 truck, and we’ve got some brilliant Euro-5 trucks to sell.”

Since 2017, we’ve had TOM Vehicle rental, Gulliver’s and more recently AXIS Fleet Management all going bust and it has led to a great selection of rigid vehicles on them market which we’ve been actively involved in purchasing and selling. It has given us some great stock, especially the Gulliver’s with such low kilometres. It’s been a great opportunity for hauliers to buy this equipment. We’ve all said it would never happened again, because now all the companies are doing thousands of miles a year so whatever is coming back is high mileage. Those sorts of vehicles are coming to the end now. We’ve probably got another two or three months of them.”

Take a look at PM Commercials' stock by clicking on the tabs below, all of which were available at the time of writing.

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