Quick Questions: Commercial Motor meets Craig Rock, van parts sales, Greenhous Commercials

Commercial Motor
September 12, 2017

RB: What is your favourite holiday destination?
CR: Ibiza. It has lovely beaches, a nice sunset and is really relaxing in the quieter part.

RB: What car do you drive?
CR: A Vauxhall Astra.

RB: What are your hobbies?
CR: Football. I support Wolverhampton Wanderers and try to go to some matches. I also help out with an under-16s team called Cresswell Wanderers. They play in the Walsall junior league.

RB: What is your favourite TV programme?
CR: Anything with Peter Kay.

RB: What celebrity would you most like to meet?
CR: David Beckham - one of England’s greatest footballers.

RB: How did you get into the industry?
CR: I was looking for a change of job when this opportunity came along; 13 years on and I haven’t looked back. I enjoy being out, meeting and talking to customers.

RB: What is the outlook for your sector of the market over the next 12 months?
CR: It will get much more competitive, and service to the customer will be even more important.

RB: Tell us more about your recent award...
CR: Recently my networking with customers led to a successful link being struck with a major national environmental firm that sources parts for its local commercial truck fleet. I was nominated to DAF by the management at Greenhous Commercials as an outstanding sales person for the last quarter and received £100 in vouchers. I am pleased with the award - I try to put the company first, and to know that I have played a part in getting a partnership with this firm is great.

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