Quick Questions: Commercial Motor meets Matthew Lee, general manager TruckEast, Wellingborough

Commercial Motor
October 4, 2017

RB: What is your favourite holiday destination?
ML: Laguna Seca, California - I’m really into my cars.

RB: What car do you drive?
ML: A Volkswagen Passat estate for transportation, but I drive a few other cars for fun. My favourite is my TVR Cerbera. Also my Matra Bagheera is pretty special because my dad had one.

RB: What are your hobbies?
ML: Driving or tinkering with my cars, walking the dog, eating in nice restaurants and playing golf.

RB: What is your favourite TV programme?
ML: Not Going Out.

RB: Which celebrity would you most like to meet?
ML: The racing driver James Hunt or comedian Lee Mack.

RB: How did you get into the industry?
ML: I’ve always loved anything mechanical, from Lego to fixing bicycles and rebuilding cars. I grew up in the industry which is how I ended up going down the truck route instead of cars.

RB: How would you encourage more young people into the industry?
ML: Educate them about the opportunities to learn, develop and achieve success. The diversity of engineering is far more interesting than the mainstream car industry and creates more skill, greater satisfaction and greater reward.

RB: What is the outlook for your sector of the market over the next 12 months?
ML: Uncertainty. Until that levels, businesses will look to diversify. I like TruckEast’s ability to adapt quickly.

RB: What makes TruckEast different from the competition?
ML: The people. We have a culture that ensures we say “yes” and commit to deliver on that promise. And most of all, we enjoy doing it.

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