Quick Questions: Commercial Motor meets Stephen Astill, aftermarket manager, RH Commercial Vehicles

Commercial Motor
June 16, 2017

RB: What is your favourite holiday destination?
SA: Ibiza - I love visiting the place and I go every year. The weather is obviously a big part of it but I like the ambience. It offers everything from quiet restaurants and beach bars to night clubs and music events.

RB: What car do you drive?
SA: BMW 320.

RB: What are your hobbies?
SA: Playing football and spending time with my family.

RB: How did you get into the industry?
SA: I fell into it really. I’d finished sixth form and was contemplating what to do next when I was offered a job at a parts and accessories firm by my football manager at the time. Years later and I’m still in the trade.

RB: How would you encourage more young people into the industry?
SA: Make it more widely known that the industry offers many benefits whether it be qualifications through apprenticeships and further education or skills that can be built on. There are also benefits in and outside the workplace including great rates of pay and an industry that will continue to grow, offering job security. There are opportunities for people in new and used sales, service and parts for commercial vehicles as well as aftermarket services including parts sales.

RB: What is the outlook for your sector of the market over the next 12 months?
SA: That as technology becomes more and more advanced and customers increasingly demand more from their trucks, the huge importance of having aftersales products will become more apparent. I believe that the services we offer, supported by Renault Trucks, means that we will continue to grow our retail, contract hire and rental business. The industry has had its challenges of course but I believe the next 12 months will continue to be positive for us.

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