Renault Trucks invests €132 million in Lyon

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February 21, 2024

A 46,000m² global distribution centre for spare parts will be constructed at Renault Trucks’ Saint-Priest site in Lyon, the company has announced. Over the next four years a €132 million investment will transform the site by replacing older facilities. 


The current distribution centre is housed in Vénissieux in a building that’s more than 100 years old. This is no longer fit for purpose so this operation will be relocated to Saint-Priest, the home of Renault's axle manufacturing plant, once the new facility opens in 2028. The reshuffle will see axle manufacturing move closer to the engine manufacturing plant. 


To make space for the new logistics centre, the axle manufacturing facility will be demolished and the soil decontaminated to ensure the redevelopment doesn’t involve any soil artificialisation. 


The new warehouse will employ close to 500 staff and also include a 4,000 m² office area. Inside, the warehouse will feature standard storage, an automated section to handle smaller components and a battery storage area. 


Renault plans to build the new centre to meet stringent safety requirements to ensure pedestrians and vehicles operate separately to mitigate the possibility of accidents occuring. The site will be designed with efficient workflow, ergonomics and some levels of automation. Certain areas will benefit from the implementation of robots to optimise storage rack use. This development process is set to happen with the consultation of employees. 


On the sustainability front, the building will be a positive energy development to supply renewable electricity to neighbouring sites as well as powering itself. The roof will be lined with photovoltaic panels to harness solar power and supply the entire site with green energy. Renault Trucks has committed to plant 400 trees nearby to boost biodiversity. 


This year planning permission for the site will be sought to secure the future of the project. In 2025 the axle plant will be relocated and construction at Saint-Priest will begin in 2026. By 2027, the team hopes to be installing equipment and a phased move-in is planned for the start of 2028 with the site fully operational midway through the year. 


Renault Trucks will be exhibiting at Road Transport Expo, which takes place at NAEC Stoneleigh between 4-6 June. Registrations are now open, so book your free place now!

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