Scania forced to stop sales of V8 engines

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July 5, 2018


An ongoing strike at one of Scania’s core part suppliers has resulted in the company being forced to stop selling V8 engines.

The strike, which began on 14 June, is occurring within the production line of cast engine components. 

Scania is currently unable to fulfil deliveries of more than 2,000 orders of trucks with V8 engines as a result of the strike.

Christian Levin, executive vice president and head of sales and marketing at Scania, said: “I deeply regret that we are currently unable to offer customers the Scania V8 engine, which is the industry benchmark and part of our company’s DNA. Our sales organisation is now focusing on being able to offer alternative 13-litre engines or other solutions to ensure that affected customers can meet commitments to their customers. It is simply about ensuring that we make every effort to maintain our customers’ confidence.”

Sales of industrial and marine V8 engines have also been affected. Scania was previously hit by disruptions in deliveries from the same supplier, earlier in the year.

Anders Williamsson, Scania's executive vice president and head of purchasing, said: “We have a history of more than 20 years of partnership with this supplier. We are doing the utmost to secure and optimise our supply chain in order to avoid further inconvenience to our customers.”

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