Scania introduces new 7-litre engine

Will Shiers
April 9, 2023

Scania has launched the DC07, a new 6.7-litre engine, which it claims will offer a 10% improvement in fuel economy over its 9-litre DC09.

The Cummins-built in-line 6-cylinder engine, which also features in the Daf LF as the Paccar PX-7, has been heavily reworked by Scania. It features a completely new fixed geometry turbocharger and Scania’s in-house exhaust gas after-treatment system, allowing it to tackle Euro-6 without the need for EGR.

The DC07 is offered in three power ratings (220hp, 250hp and 280hp), with torque ratings from 1,200Nm to 1,400Nm.

It is the smallest truck engine Scania has offered in decades, both in terms of displacement and physical dimensions.  It is 360kg lighter than the 5-cylinder DC09, and because of its size, results in a lower engine hump in the P-series cab.

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Although available in trucks with GVWs as high as 26 tonnes, the DC07 is expected to prove a popular choice in lower weight vehicles.

Henrik Eng, product director, Urban, Scania Trucks, says there is nothing to stop a customer from specifying this engine in a 26-tonner, however he suggests it is better suited to lower GVWs. “You should more likely think of a distribution vehicle that might start the day with a gross laden weight of 18 tonnes but will soon be down to 10 to 12 tonnes, after having made a few deliveries. Then it’s wise not to have an engine with an unnecessarily high performance, particularly since this can bring a fuel saving of up to 10 percent.”

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Scania is optimistic that the addition of this engine will boost its share of the urban distribution and waste collection sectors.

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