Scania reveals "second generation" Euro-6 engines

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March 22, 2013

After being first to unveil Euro-6 engines two years ago, Scania has now claimed it can do better with what it describes as “second-generation” versions of its12.7-litre DC13 Euro-6 engines.

At an online-only launch event yesterday, the manufactuerer revealed it would be sweetening the pill of more expensive engines by incorporating some fuel-saving technology as standard.

Scania is bundling together a series of improvements for its Euro-6 G- and R-series trucks under the title of Streamline, claiming that they offer fuel consumption up to 8% better than its first Euro-6 efforts, and up to 5% better than current models.

Revisions to the engine have yielded another 10hp and 50Nm of torque, and 2-3% better fuel consumption. A similar improvement is expected to come from making Opticruise automated gear-shifting, with a new ‘eco’ mode, an integral part of the Streamline package.

Another 2-3% saving is forecast from the Scania Active Prediction, the terrain-sensitive cruise-control system which also comes as standard in the Streamline’s Opticruise system. Attention to detail around the cab’s corner deflectors is claimed to tidy-up airflow, as is a new sun-visor. SHAPE  \* MERGEFORMAT

Engine range expansion

After launching just two ratings of its 12.7-litre DC13 Euro-6 engines in 2011, followed by four ratings of its five-cylinder 9.3-litre DC09 engine last September, Scania has now rounded out its Euro-6 engine range.

They include three ratings of its 16.4-litre V8; 520hp, 580hp and, coming later, 730hp. And like Iveco, Scania also now sees merit in SCR-only engines that need no EGR to achieve Euro-6’s NOx limit. So the 320hp and 360hp versions of the SCR-only 9.3-litre engine unveiled last September are to be joined by a 410hp rating of an SCR-only 12.7-litre engine.

The first generation 12.7-litre Euro-6 EGR + SCR engines had nominal ratings of 440hp and 480hp; the second generation are uprated to 450hp and 490hp, with 2,350Nm and 2,550Nm of torque respectively.

Pictured: Scania SCR 410hp DC13.

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