Skip firm operating in its own self-interest dumped out of the industry

Chris Tindall
January 24, 2024

A Sussex skip operator has been disqualified for five years and had its licence revoked after the traffic commissioner said its sole director had told “a catalogue of lies” and demonstrated unlawful behaviour.

TC Sarah Bell said Goss Mini Skips had been operating two lorries for years when only one was specified on its licence and director Godfrey Dudman had lied during a traffic examiner and vehicle examiner visit to its premises.

Dodman also lied in relation to a desk based assessment carried out by the DVSA when he did not disclose the existence of an extra HGV and the director went on to lie to two traffic examiners when they were investigating the use of an unspecified vehicle.

TC Bell said the director failed to disclose all relevant documents, including for the truck the DVSA was aware of and, in addition, he failed to disclose vehicle unit data and driver defect sheets.

He also claimed there were no preventative maintenance inspection sheets, but in her written decision, the TC said: “I do not accept anything that Mr Dudman tells me. It is equally as likely that he has simply withheld those as well.

“Mr Dudman has operated more vehicles that authorised and it would appear that he has been operating two vehicles for quite some time.”

She continued: “What I have is a catalogue of lies, unlawful behaviour and an ability to perpetuate his disingenuous behaviours right through and up to part way through this hearing.

“I note that it was only part way through today that Mr Dudman conceded that he knew that [an unspecified HGV] should have been on the licence throughout.

“In those circumstances there are few positives.”

The Eastbourne hearing heard that this was Goss Mini Skips’ second PI and that there had been a “yo-yo” approach to compliance at the Midhurst firm in the interim, even with its specified truck.

Revoking the company’s licence and disqualifying both the operator and Dudman, Bell added: “The absence of any regard by Mr Dudman for anything other than his own self-interest and commercial needs undermines the bedrock principle for which the operator licensing regime exists, namely road safety and fair competition – a level playing field for the benefit of all operators.”

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