Snap Account adds driver walk-around check functionality to its intruck app

Commercial Motor
April 26, 2018


Snap Account has added a driver walk-around check facility to its intruck app. 

Drivers work through a list of items to check, and are prompted to photograph any defects they spot. These are then uploaded to an online portal. 

“This is one of the smartest driver check apps,” said sales manager Jonny Billing, who explained that more features will be added shortly.

“We are constantly developing it, and over the next six months we’ll be adding new features based on customer feedback. For instance, we plan to introduce GPS, which will actually ensure that the driver has walked around the vehicle and carried out the check properly.” There will be a built-in timer too, preventing the driver from lapping the truck and rapidly clicking all the boxes without a proper check. 

For the first six months the app will be free for Snap Account’s 2,800 fleet customers, and after that will cost 50p per truck per week. 

  • A growing number of UK hauliers are earning money out of their empty yards during the week by adding them to Snap Account’s list of truck stops. “We have got 19 on our books so far,” said sales manager Billing, “and we are signing up new ones all the time. All they need is a toilet and a shower, and if they are in a central location they could earn a lot of money.” He gave the example of one site in Purfleet, Essex, which has 75 spaces and is fully booked by midday six days of the week. Billing said on average a typical haulier depot site is likely to have 196 trucks visit it per month, equating to £4,000 of revenue. 


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