Special edition DAF XG+ to mark 75th anniversary

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July 3, 2024

DAF XG+ 75 anniversary

DAF Trucks is offering a limited edition version of the DAF XG+ to mark 75 years of DAF truck production. The company’s first truck was produced in 1949 and featured a chassis, engine, grille, brakes and a steering mechanism. Customers then had to add a cab made by a specialist coach builder. 


Now, the company looks very different. DAF’s new generation trucks are modern, efficient and safe and a range of cabs are available from the manufacturer to suit different applications. The DAF XG+ is the brand’s flagship model and boasts a cab volume of 12.5m³. 


The 75th anniversary edition truck will feature a PACCAR MX-13 engine with either 480hp or 530hp. This will come with MX engine brake which is a powerful engine braking system. The cab will be equipped with a full aero kit which includes deflectors, fenders and side skirts. The truck will use digital mirrors with cameras attached to the cab to optimse aerodynamics and fuel efficiency. 


Inside, this model will be fitted with heated leather swivel seats, an audio system with eight speakers and a subwoofer, and an 80cm wide relax bed. The driver package is included which adds DAF night lock, a microwave, luxury floor mats and a goodie bag. 


The truck will be painted in a silver metallic colour with black and yellow details to mark the occasion. Alcoa Dura-Bright rims are also included in the specification. Customers interested in adding the 75th anniversary edition DAF XG+ to their fleets can now order this vehicle with deliveries expected to begin after the summer. 


DAF’s origins date back to 1928 with Hub van Doorne's Machine Factory. The company started producing trailers in the early ‘30s and found a lot of success in this segment of the market. Instead of riveting the chassis, as was common at the time, the machine factory welded them, making them much lighter than competitors. 

 DAF XG+ 75 anniversary

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