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January 25, 2022

The uncertainty and disruption caused by the pandemic, continued driver shortages and impending net zero carbon targets have contributed to a challenging period for the fleet industry. It has become critical for fleet operators to look at ways to make their operations as efficient, cost-effective and future-proofed as possible – and optimal fuel management is central to achieving this objective.

Fuel cards offer a convenient and smart solution for fleets looking to improve financial forecasting, enhance fuel optimisation, streamline operations and bolster cost transparency. Here, we outline the potential gains to be realised from making the switch.

Putting an end to price volatility
Fuel cards can offer significant cash flow benefits for businesses, due to stable fuel pricing. As fuel costs are unaffected by external market fluctuations, businesses can more effectively forecast future outgoings. The Certas Energy fuel card offers fixed weekly pricing, Platts-linked pricing and discounts on diesel purchases at Certas Energy refuelling sites nationwide. As an added value, at many of these sites the stable pricing system extends to other products, including AdBlue® and gas oil.

Offering complete visibility
With the Certas Energy fuel card, fleet operators can track driver spending, access transparent billing and reduce the risk of fuel fraud. The cards can also be seamlessly integrated with telematics systems, which can identify opportunities for better fuel management, through improved workflow planning, efficient refuelling and route optimisation. Fuel cards can also alleviate the administrative burden, thanks to streamlined back-office processes, as well as save on admin fees.

Minimising downtime
In the current climate, keeping drivers moving is vital. Certas Energy fuel card holders have access to an extensive network of refuelling stations, with cards accepted at over 3,400 sites nationwide, including a vast number of HGV refuelling stations, supermarkets, and 24-hour sites. Certas Energy also offers almost 30 specialist high-speed HGV refuelling bunker sites, as well as a number of LCV/LGV refuelling locations. These HGV sites enable refuelling at up to 120 litres per minute, compared to 40-60 litres per minute at a standard motorway forecourt, saving crucial time and maximising efficiency. With an integrated telematics solution, drivers can also gain access to real-time information fuel card-friendly forecourts and high-speed refuelling sites along their chosen route, to avoid costly and time-consuming diversions.

Keeping the wheels turning
Fuel cards can offer businesses a myriad of benefits, from direct and indirect costs savings to significant efficiency gains. Businesses should seek to partner with a fuel card provider with the requisite expertise, industry insight, and service solution to traverse the changing fleet landscape and successfully drive their fleet forward.

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