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George Barrow
November 13, 2018

The rapid growth of the transport industry over the last decade continues to present new and exciting challenges for the marketplace. The establishment of HGVs as an essential pillar in the daily functioning of society has made their management an important topic of discussion both politically and economically.

In 2016, the total weight of goods loaded for road freight transport in the European Union was 14.2 billion tonnes; when considering the distance travelled for each operation, this equates to 1,852 billion tonne kilometres.

Transport companies usually travel through the different European countries, and each time an HGV vehicle crosses a border, the company is confronted with different legislation and a different toll collection system. Several European countries are already using electronic toll systems, but these systems are not yet all aligned with one another. This means that for international journeys, lorry drivers are required to have a multitude of on-board equipment in their vehicles. Some countries, like Austria and Switzerland, still use a vignette system instead of on-board equipment. Different systems for the payment of tolls in each country results for extra cost, administration and time lost so the introduction of European Electronic Toll Services (EETS) was very important in making progress and facilitating the life of road users. As trusted partners to the transport industry for many years, AS 24 understands the challenges faced by operators and drivers out on the road. The team know that the fleet operators of today must contend with a developing market and evolving legislation. AS 24 have designed a unique box which permits to travel through several countries with only one single OBU.


Introducing…the PASSango toll box

The PASSango toll box from AS 24 facilitates the convenient payment of tolls for transit throughout Europe. The impressive technology relies on a transponder system, the sensor of which is automatically detected when passing through an electronic toll booth. This allows for a quick and easy transactions through toll systems and high roads, the fees depending on the journey/ consumption/ badge utilization.

After more than three decades in the industry, AS 24 have amassed an in-depth knowledge of toll systems across Europe. In line with this, the versatile PASSango toll box combines a number of different toll technologies facilitating travel through several countries, all in the same box, and adds all recorded transactions into a single invoice per country. This flexibility makes the PASSango toll box an exceptionally convenient solution for operators active across the continent.


Control your mobility

Moreover, the PASSango EuroPilot option includes geolocation functionality to give significant cost savings for all AS 24 customers. Accessible from the Customer Portal or via the Fleet Manager mobile application, EuroPilot offers real-time monitoring of vehicles and a set of alerts to help the fleet manager to operate.

Haulage companies prefer PASSango’s functionalities because it offers access to discounts for various highway operators, reducing costs and keeping the operator in control.

In addition, the integration of Viapass (a usage-based charging system for vehicles in Belgium) into PASSango was an essential step forward for users. This year, AS 24 is making great efforts to expand the geographical scope of this offering throughout Europe. Belgium Viapass was integrated in the last quarter of 2017; this was followed by Austria this year and soon by Germany in the first semester of 2019.

The PASSango offer facilitates the management of tolls throughout Europe. It adapts to the geographical perimeter of each customer, including France - Spain - Portugal – Belgium- Austria.


Find your space with the new Eurotunnel Parking service

The life of a HGV driver can be difficult; long hours, a relentless schedule and tight deadlines mean drivers are always on the go in more ways than one. Sufficient and comfortable rest breaks are thus a necessity. However, a lack of safe parking options with adequate amenities is making a tough job even tougher for Europe’s HGV drivers.

Fortunately, AS 24 understand this and have developed their service in line with driver demand. Formally launched in June 2018, drivers with the PASSango toll badge for HGVs have enjoyed access to secure parking at the Eurotunnel.  On top of high security and a first hour free offer, the site includes an AS 24 station located inside the parking, a restaurant, retail options, well-maintained bathroom facilities and free Wi-Fi. Just one of the many benefits of integrating PASSango into your fleet.

To learn which solution is the best for you, get in touch with the team at AS 24 today.


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