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April 18, 2024

BPW and Thermo King have partnered to bring a new sustainable refrigeration system to the market. ePower by BPW intelligently manages cooling and energy usage to minimise the environmental impact of refrigerated transport. 


The system works using a generator axle and dual generators unlock double the power output. Complying with automotive safety standards, the system recovers energy when the trailer is moving to power the refrigeration unit. BPW estimates per trailer this solution can save up to 4,000 litres of fuel and reduce CO2 emissions by 10 tonnes annually. 


Once the vehicle and trailer combination reaches 15km/h ePower engages and will carry a current. The system works in a similar way to a bike dynamo, wheel rotation creates energy which is stored in a backup battery and fed into the system as required. Two battery pack options are available, standard is a 19 kW battery or extended gets a 38 kW battery. 


Drivers and fleet managers are able to access battery charge status in real time. This allows system settings to be changed depending on requirements. The system can be managed using the BPW idem telematics Cargofleet portal, Thermo King’s TracKing web portal and the TK Reefer app.


The system has four modes: active, active fast charge, recuperation only, and passive. Active means the generator produces energy to meet the power demand and driving conditions. Active fast charge will create energy at full power until the battery is charged. Recuperation only uses energy derived from the axle during events like braking to minimise vehicle fuel consumption. Finally, passive mode sets the axle generator to standby. 


The partnership between BPW and Thermo King signals both companies are committed to producing and developing sustainable solutions. Working together will allow these solutions to reach customers a lot sooner rather than developing a product in isolation. 

Hundreds of companies will be exhibiting at Road Transport Expo which takes place from 4-6 June at NAEC Stoneleigh in Warwickshire. It is completely free to attend for visitors, so why not book your place today?! 


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