TC gives revoked licence holder second chance

Chris Tindall
August 24, 2021

An operator whose licence was revoked last year when he lost his repute has been given another chance by the traffic commissioner after taking steps to address his failings. Victoria Davies, TC for Wales, said she had been persuaded that Glyn James should be granted a standard international operator licence for two HGVs and three trailers after he spent time and money to rebuild trust.

James traded as James Express Transport and operated vehicles out of a Bristol depot, before compliance problems led to a licence revocation in August 2020. At a Pontypridd public inquiry following a new application to run vehicles under the same trading name but out of a Monmouth operating centre, the TC heard evidence from James, proposed transport manager Martin Soper and legal representative Elizabeth Caple.

In her written decision, TC Davies said: “Having previously lost repute as an operator, the focus of the Mr James’ evidence at inquiry was on the steps that he had taken since then to address those previous failings and rebuild trust. Undoubtedly, Mr James has invested time and money doing just that, including sitting the TM CPC examination, engaging a transport consultant, and investing in tacho downloading equipment. I found him to be frank and open in his evidence,” the TC said, “and I was provided with odometer readings and SORN documents to demonstrate that his two HGVs have not operated since August 2020. He and Mr Soper, proposed transport manager, also provided evidence of systems they intend to use in the form of PMI and DDR sheets and ongoing transport consultant assistance and driver training.”

Davies added: “On the basis of the evidence presented to me, I am persuaded by Miss Caple that, whilst accepting that Mr James has to bring himself up from a very low point in terms of his repute, the balance has been tipped.” However, it was noted that at the date of the PI, the financial standing requirement for three vehicles was not met and so she only granted him permission to run two: “If, in the future, Mr James wishes to increase his authorisation to three vehicles, it will be open to him to make a variation application at that stage,” Davies added.

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