Tip-Ex & Tank-Ex 2021: VOL-TAR to unveil Volumetric Asphalt Mixing truck

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August 24, 2021

VOL-TAR is launching its Volumetric Asphalt Mixing truck at Tip-Ex/Tank-Ex 2021 which the company says can cut wastage, fuel costs and emissions.

The company has used the Renault C430 to create its patented mixer truck, which can be found at stand M17, where the VOL-TAR team will be giving demonstrations on how the  truck creates asphalt from recycled road planings.

The truck is designed to produce hot mix on site for use across a wide range of works including improvements to highways, minor civil and ground works, patchwork and repairs and utility reinstatements. 

James Hajdar, sales and business development director, said the mixer can cut costs and significantly reduce the environmental impact for both the operator and the client by drastically reducing wastage.

He explained: “When using a VOL-TAR Asphalt Mixing truck, you are able to use recycled road planing and turn it into a hot mix, which also helps to reduce the overall industry impact on the environment, something all industries are striving to achieve.

“While the finished mix is no different from premium grade asphalt you can collect from a plant, the VOL–TAR process and mixing delivers significant operating efficiencies, performance benefits, and cost savings. Just the quantity you need at the correct temperature for ideal compaction, directly at the site, with no waste and without the need to visit an asphalt plant.” 

The Volumetric Mixer truck operates a computerized system allowing the operator to pour the aggregates into the individual bins, choose the mix type, amount, temperature, and instantly create premium grade asphalt, saving the operator trips to the local asphalt plant.

Hajdar added: “Traditional asphalt repair and patchwork can be a tedious task, that’s why more and more people are looking to utilize our Volumetric Asphalt Mixers. By reducing the waiting time for getting supplies, creating the mix, and then laying it, operators can limit the time a road or walkway and public realm needs to be closed, creating greater efficiency.”

By recycling old asphalt the mixer truck can also reduce the amount of new oil needed in the construction process and cut the number of trips to landfill sites.

VOL-TAR is offering a pre-launch price for the first few mixers and also has financing options for clients in place.

Tip-Ex and Tank-Ex 2021 takes place from 30 September to 2 October in Harrogate. It is completely free to attend and features four inside exhibition halls, impressive outside displays and a three-day Knowledge Zone conference programme. Register today for your free ticket.

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