Top five things you need to know when buying a used trailer

Commercial Motor
February 24, 2017

1 Carry out a thorough examination

A reputable dealer will put its used trailers through a thorough examination to make sure they’re fit for the road. Carry out the same checks if you can. A potential buyer should check the overall condition of the chassis cross members, floor, roof, front bulkhead and rear doors and what the tyre depths are. If there are sign written curtains and decals on rear doors this makes the trailer less valuable for the seller as it will need new curtains and a re-paint and this will affect the dealer’s offer to buy it. Check who the last operator was, the age and specification of the trailer, overall condition, and if it is still on finance. Preferably you want the trailer to be between five to 10 years old and with a long MoT.

2 Check the dimensions

Double-check the internal dimensions required to load your specific cargo, and the type of doors that would best suit the job. Would a roller shutter be a better fit than barn doors, for example? Take the time to consider the operational requirements.

3 Look around the marketplace

You might have been loyal to one specific trailer manufacturer in the past, but it’s always worth considering the competition, especially when another manufacturer’s design could be better suited to your needs. Also, bear in mind that well-known manufacturers’ trailers hold their value better in the long term.

4 Think about maintenance

Select a used trailer with the same brand of axles and brakes as your current fleet. By standardising parts, repair and maintenance becomes much easier to handle, as does sourcing replacements.

5 Be familiar with the legislation

When buying an older trailer, you might need to upgrade its internal load restraint system in accordance with the latest DVSA and Health and Safety Executive guidelines, so be prepared to budget for the additional expense. Many retailers can retrofit load restraint systems to a used trailer on request.


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