Truck and bus CEOs respond to new 2030 EU emissions regulations

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April 18, 2024


Following a new EU deal targeting ambitious CO2 reduction targets for trucks and buses by 2030, European truck and bus CEOs are calling for more support. Whilst manufacturers want to decarbonise their businesses and products, the supply side is only part of the whole picture. The European Automobile Manufacturers' Association (ACEA) argues, regulating supply alone will not solve the issue.


In order to meet CO2 reduction targets of 45 percent by 2030, barriers to entry for customers need to be removed. This includes rolling out infrastructure to support zero emission vehicles. It’s estimated 50,000 public charging points and 700 hydrogen refuelling stations are needed across Europe to meet the current targets. 


Alongside the facility to refuel or recharge zero emission vehicles, operators need to be able to afford them in the first place. As a result, manufacturers are calling on the EU to do more with carbon pricing and incentive schemes to make the total cost of ownership for vehicles with these new technologies more comparable with diesel vehicles. 


Nearly 80 percent of goods are moved by trucks and more than half of public transport happens on buses. The ACEA has set out a #FutureDriven Manifesto detailing what policy makers can do to mitigate the challenges of implementing more zero-emission trucks and buses.


Harald Seidel, chairperson of ACEA’s commercial vehicles board, said” “Truck and bus manufacturers are committed to helping Europe achieve its climate goals, by providing sustainable road transport solutions. We are playing our part by investing in and ramping up production of battery-electric and hydrogen-powered models, but simply setting ambitious targets for manufacturers and hoping smooth implementation follows is not a strategy. 


“Europe is adopting the most ambitious 2030 targets for CO2 reductions in the world. However, ambitious targets must be backed up by equally ambitious enabling conditions and a coherent regulatory framework.” 


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