TyreWatch a complete solution for Direct Tyre Management portfolio

George Barrow
September 30, 2021

Direct Tyre Management is promoting the services of its latest acquisition at Tip-Ex. TyreWatch was purchased three months ago by the tyre management specialists to broaden its product range with a new real-time tracking system that is capable of monitoring tyre pressures, tyre temperature and location of the vehicle. In the event of an issue with a tyre, the TyreWatch 24 hour customer service cal centre team will receive an alert and be able to see data on the vehicle in real-time and be able to advise the customer on the best course of action to take. The constant monitoring and recording of tyre information allows them to paint a picture of what sort of tyre event has occurred or is about to, and will be able to advise the driver to either immediately stop the vehicle, find a safe place to pull over or arrange for a service provider to meet them at their intended destination should it be safe to continue.

It's a completely new and unique solution in the marketplace which no one else can offer,” explained Steve Moir, Direct Tyre Management regional operations manager.

“The addition of TyreWatch plugs the little gap in the DTM range and gives us a whole other raft of features that go beyond a tyre pressure monitoring system. We know where the vehicle is, what speed it’s doing and if the alert is going to pose an imminent problem. We know which tyre is affected, and can see how the pressure has dropped over a period of time to see if we can get them to a service station. The systems also be developed to do wheel alignment, wheel security and tread depths.

It gives use now a complete solution from beginning to end. We can fit the tyre, we can manage the tyre, we can react to any issues affecting the vehicle and give you all the data in the background to support that.”

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