Used Focus: Volvo FH 460 Globetrotter

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February 4, 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected some hauliers harder than others, and as a result of the uncertainty it has created, some large fleet replacement decisions have been put on hold. This has made the prospect of buying used all the more tempting, especially for those cautious firms wanting to expand, but looking to avoid financial millstones around their necks. These companies are increasingly scrutinising CM’s classified pages, looking for premium trucks in the under five-year-old bracket. Fortunately, there are some great vehicles on offer – like these 2017 FH460 Globetrotters.

The Version 4 FH has always been a popular truck on the used market – and for good reason. They are renowned for their reliability, and if looked after, are easily capable of covering well in excess of 1 million km. Those examples with less than 700,000km on the clock obviously still have plenty of life left in them, and consequently can represent shrewd purchases.

The two vehicles under the spotlight in this week’s Used Focus are 67-plate models, with mileages of 650,000km and 674,000km, and are available from the Volvo Economy Truck Centre at Wellingborough. They feature the tried-and-tested D13K 460hp Euro-6c engine, so are perfect for 44-tonne work. Like most FHs from this era, they are fitted with the popular and arguably class-leading I-Shift automatic transmission, with push buttons.

They come in factory black with alloy wheels, aluminium catwalks, front bumper sensors, heated driver’s seats, nearside vehicle warning with forward collision warning, and emergency braking.

They have been fully Volvo maintained from new, and come with a full safety inspection. Any active safety defects will be fixed before hand-over, along with a cosmetic check and full valet. They are sold with a six-month Volvo unlimited mileage basic driveline warranty, which can be extended to 12 months for an additional cost.

The cabs are trimmed with smart part-leather interiors, while drivers are treated to radio/CD players with Bluetooth. The trucks have had one previous owner.


Established Volvo users who know and like the product will no doubt be champing at the bit to get their hands on these trucks, which are available at a very attractive price. They will be purchased safe in the knowledge that they have up to a year’s warranty behind them. They are likely to be of particular interest to small fleets that are cautiously expanding, or perhaps owner-drivers looking to upgrade from a Version 3 FH.

History of the FH

While the Version 1 FH appeared in 1993 to replace the much-loved F12, the FH we know and love today effectively burst onto the scene in 2012, with operators getting their hands on them the following year.

The Version 4 FH was a very different truck to its predecessor. Under the cab was the bullet-proof 12.8-litre straight 6 (or the 16-litre in the FH16).
It was offered in outputs of 420hp, 460hp, 500hp and 540hp, with the 460hp version initially proving marginally more popular than the 500hp.

The vast majority of FHs on the used market are 6x2s with pusher axles and Globetrotter cabs. They’re popular trucks with both drivers and operators, and the latest models with turbo compounding and I-Save technology are rewriting the rules in terms of fuel consumption.

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