Used truck sales will be a challenge for industry says Scania boss

Steve Hobson
February 22, 2017

Used truck sales will be “the great challenge for the industry in the coming years” as the record levels of new trucks sales in the past few years will mean increasing volumes of used trucks flooding the market, according to Scania’s sales boss.

Andrew Jamieson, sales director at Scania (Great Britain) predicted this would peak in 2019 - a challenge for the OEMs and dealers maybe but good news for used truck buyers. In the UK, Scania sold 3,765 used trucks last year, making a “pretty good ratio” of one used for every two new trucks sold.

“We can’t sell used unless we sell new vehicles,” he said. “We work with our customers to protect residual values and there is only so much we can do in terms of discount - the smart customers recognise this.”

Jamieson said Scania will be focusing increasingly on the retail side of used vehicles, again good news for operators in the market for used trucks, and will open a new retail-only indoor showroom in Warrington later this year. “This will be a pure retail sales outlet, with no workshops, just well-prepared and displayed vehicles with the support structures to fund and package the products,” he said. “We will dare to be different.”

Just over four in 10 new Scanias sold last year was financed by Scania Finance, “quite an achievement”, according to Jamieson.

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