Vans on international work subject to O-licensing regime

Chris Tindall
December 7, 2021

New laws requiring firms to obtain operator licences if they undertake international work with vehicles less than 3.5-tonnes could be the start of a licensing regime for all UK vans, according to transport lawyers.

From 21 May 2022 vans with a maximum authorised mass of over 2.5-tonnes and up to 3.5-tonnes that are transporting goods for hire and reward internationally, will be subject to the O-licensing system. Operators will need to be able to show they have enough finance to maintain their vehicles and also have a transport manager in place.

Mike Hayward, head of Woodfines regulatory team, said the change in the law could be the start of further enforcement of light goods vehicles. “Perhaps it’s not too far away for UK vans,” he said. “You can see the industry would be interested in that on the basis of the current delivery network: it’s not subjected to the same level of drivers’ hours legislation and all of those aspects. You can see merit in having that attached to the van network.”

The traffic commissioners referred to the overhaul in their latest annual report and said they were preparing for the new regulations. “If operating internationally they will be required to apply for an operator’s licence and have transport managers for vehicles that have previously been outside the traffic commissioners’ remit,” the TCs said.

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