Volta trials underway with Darcica Logistics

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April 3, 2024


Despite a rocky patch for Volta at the end of 2023, the company has now resumed trial periods with prospective customers. Darcica Logistics is testing out the company’s 16-tonne Zero electric truck on its pallet network delivery and collection routes around Oxfordshire. 

Anthony Tattersall, Darcica’s owner and director said: “We do about 100 miles a day and go to two hubs, Birmingham and London, so the mileage we’re doing is well within the capabilities of an electric vehicle. We believe it will have a 200km range and hold about 10-12 pallets. It will be interesting to see how the Volta Zero performs during our trial period in terms of capacity and charging times, as well as the overall drive and manoeuvrability experience.”

Darcica’s fleet includes vehicles at 3.5-, 7.5- and 18-tonne as well as 44-tonne trucks. The company has already started to explore electrification solutions at the lighter end of the spectrum, introducing four Maxus eDeliver9 electric vans to its fleet. Given the company’s proximity to Oxford from its Bicester headquarters, meeting the zero emission zone city requirements for the area is a priority. As a member of Palletways UK, Darcica delivers more than 30,000 pallets annually. 

Following a period of turmoil for Volta, the company was acquired and put back on course to manufacture zero-emission HGVs. Volta Zero is its flagship model, a purpose built 16-tonne electric truck, designed for urban operations. The modern truck features a suite of sensors and cameras to improve all round visibility for the driver, as a result improving safety for road users around the vehicle. 

The cab has a bus-like design to provide a high level of direct vision at the same height as cyclists. Unlike traditional vehicles in this segment, the truck has a central driving position with space for two crew members to sit either side. The entry door is glass and slides to the side, offering good side visibility and easy access. 

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