Volvo brings 8x4 low entry FM to Tip-ex

Colin Barnett
June 9, 2017


Volvo showed its latest 8x4 low entry FM at last week’s Tip-ex show in Harrogate.

Full air suspension means it can be lowered far enough for the head of an adult standing directly in front of the grille to be visible from the driving seat, while at the press of a button it can be raised 245mm to enable site operation.

Combined with sideguard monitors and strategically mounted cameras, the concept offers a viable alternative for city work.

This particular example is also the first CM has encountered in the UK with Volvo’s tandem axle lift, which simultaneously lifts and disengages drive to the fourth axle and aids economy and traction.

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Colin Barnett

Colin Barnett has been involved in the road transport industry since becoming an apprentice truck mechanic and worked on Commercial Motor for 27 years

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