Volvo FH gets I-Save engine

Colin Barnett
March 25, 2019

The Volvo FH range can now be specified with a new engine option, I-Save, designed to improve fuel efficiency for long-haul operations. 

Volvo originally announced its I-Torque driveline concept in 2013, which combined an engine with a turbo-compounding system that recovered otherwise lost exhaust energy by feeding it back into the engine’s rotating mass, with a dual-shaft transmission. The idea was ahead of its time, and only the transmission element was eventually introduced, in 2014, as what is the now fairly familiar Dual Clutch system.

Following development and a market familiar with the concept of engine down-speeding, where relatively high-torque outputs at lower engine speeds are becoming the norm, Volvo has decided to launch turbo-compounding onto the European market in the new D13TC engine. Much of that development was carried out in North America, where turbo-compound versions of the 13-litre engine have been on sale successfully for the past year.

Turbo-compounding works by having a second exhaust-driven turbine, downstream of the regular turbocharger, which recovers waste energy back into the engine via the flywheel. There’s also a new piston crown design to improve combustion efficiency. 

The D13TC, which complies with the forthcoming Euro-6 Step D emissions standard, comes in two ratings, 460hp/2,600Nm and 500hp/2,800Nm. Both of these boast an extra 300Nm over their regular D13K counterparts, and both deliver maximum torque at the same 900rpm to 1,250rpm.

The D13TC engine comes as part of the I-Save package, which also includes more mechanically efficient drive axles with taller ratios, a variable-displacement power steering pump and the Long Haul Fuel Package, which features optimised software for the I-Shift transmission and I-See predictive cruise control. 

Volvo claims the option delivers potential fuel saving of 7% on long-haul, based on similar results seen in North America, together with improved driveability. The package is available to order now.

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