Volvo FM11 Lite 6x2 tractor unit for 4R Group

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September 5, 2017

Truck and Bus Wales and West has supplied 4R Group with a Volvo FM11 Lite 6x2 tractor unit to haul its D-Tec lightweight tanker trailer.

The FM has a Volvo D11K engine rated at 450hp, which is coupled to an I-Shift automated transmission, and Dynafleet telematics. It also includes a Volvo gold R&M contract.

It will operate on waste liquid collection works from anaerobic digestion plants around south Wales and Gloucestershire. The company recycles more than 600,000 tonnes of organic materials to land each year, of which, the majority are classed as regulated, controlled wastes.

Most are recycled on land for agricultural use or used for the manufacture and creation of soils in land restoration projects. 4R Group operations manager south Rick Aldridge said: “Quality, weight and price were three of our key pointers when shopping for a new truck.

"We were governed by the weight of our new tanker trailer's 29,500 litre capacity and Volvo's FM11 with its lightweight pusher axle fitted the bill. Our new Volvo FM11 Lite tractor unit is doing exactly what Volvo said it would and is performing extremely well.”

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