Volvo's I-Save gets fuel efficiency boost

George Barrow
April 9, 2023

Volvo has improved the fuel efficiency of its I-Save engines by further optimising the combustion process.

The injectors, compression and camshaft have been adapted specifically to the new wave-patterned pistons while the overall weight and internal friction have also been reduced.

Volvo has also upgraded the high-performance turbo charger and oil pump along with the filters for oil, fuel and air.

“Starting from an already high-performance engine, we have looked deeply into many critical details that all together add up to substantial savings. It’s all about getting more usable energy out of every drop of fuel,” said Helena Alsiö, VP powertrain product management at Volvo Trucks.

Along with the hardware updates, a new generation of engine management software has been developed which communicates with an updated I-Shift gearbox. Volvo says the result not only improves fuel economy, but also provides clearly improved driveability as the update to the shifting strategy delivers a faster response.

“To save fuel, the truck starts in Eco mode and as a driver you always have easy access to the power needed and can look forward to faster gearing and torque response from the driveline,” Alsiö added.

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