Wiltshire force shocked by truck drivers flouting laws

Chris Tindall
March 16, 2024

Police in Wiltshire said it was “shocking” to see HGV drivers on the M4 watching films on their phones and ignoring the speed limit.

An operation involving officers driving an unmarked HGV between junctions 14 and 18 to help identify offences from an elevated view picked out 83 drivers in three days flouting the law.

The offences mainly related to mobile phone use and not wearing seatbelts.

PC Luke Hobbs said: “It is always shocking to see just what some of these drivers think they can get away with – all whilst in control of a vehicle which can be up to 44 tonnes in weight with the potential to cause significant and serious harm to others.

“Last week alone, we saw drivers watching films on their phones or tablets whilst behind the wheel, overloaded vehicles which can pose a real danger to other road users, and drivers showing a complete disregard for the speed limit.”

Assistant Inspector Will Ayres, of the roads policing unit, added: “Operation Tramline is an excellent initiative which forms part of our commitment to keeping Wiltshire’s roads safe by targeting those committing fatal five offences – these are offences most likely to contribute to death and serious injury on the roads and include drink/drug driving, careless driving, driving at excess speed, driving without a seatbelt or using a mobile phone.”

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