Choosing a Euro-5 Truck

If you’re considering the purchase of a Euro-5 truck, especially with the extra costs of Euro-6 trucks looming not too far into the future, then you will want to compare and contrast the relative merits of existing vehicles – and this is the right place to do that.

At Commercial Motor we’ve been testing trucks for more than 100 years, so to make your decision-making easier, we’ve compiled all the Euro-5 trucks tests that we’ve carried out since April 2007. That’s more than 150 trucks reviewed and rated.

We haven’t tested every truck in every permutation – during the recession, manufacturers cut back on the number and variety of vehicles available for the press to test – but there will be enough truck tests to cater for most needs.

We’ve listed them by type below; following that is a second list, detailing the group tests we’ve conducted.

The truck tests are all downloadable in PDF format. To download a truck test, click on the relevant link to the test that interests you. Once you've downloaded the PDF, you may print this off to view at your leisure.

Once you've reviewed the truck tests and decided on a particular truck, then go to our unrivalled Used Truck section where you can find thousands of used trucks, trailers and more.



DAF LF45.160

With its enviable record of wearing the metaphorical yellow jersey for sector-leading sales in the UK, Daf's LF45 7.5-tonner is hardly a novelty on our roads. However, some aspects of the yellow truck tested here make it something of a rarity, if only because of the newness.

For a start, its EEV (Enhanced Environment-friendly Vehicle) engine makes it probably the cleanest diesel-powered truck on the road. It also features one of the first applications of ZF's new automated transmission for light trucks...

Click here to download the complete DAF LF45.160 roadtest.


DAF LF45.210 12-tonne

Status quo is easy. No, not the band of musicians famous for making three-chords go a long way, but the concept of doing something because “we’ve always done it that way” . It’s not only musical tastes that change, though. Factors such as legislation, driver demographics and working practices evolve over time, and what was right in 1980 might not be in 2010.

Here we test the latest 12-tonne version of the UK’s most popular 7.5-tonner to see how the sums stack up...

Click here to download the complete DAF LF45.210 roadtest.


DAF CF65.300 18-tonne

For the second time in as many months, CM has tested a truck ‘outside of the box’ . While the editor usually considers issuing a written warning for using such a term, we have our reasons.

Putting the Iveco Stralis 26-tonner through the two-day Scottish test route (CM 22 September) threw up some interesting results in terms of fuel economy and productivity compared with the 40- and 44-tonne trucks we normally test on that route...

Click here to download the complete DAF CF65.300 roadtest.


Isuzu N75.190 7.5-tonne

Isuzu is still but a minnow in the brackish water that is today’s UK truck market, but on a world scale it’s an entirely different story.

Across the globe, including many of the bits formerly coloured pink, Isuzu trucks are a ubiquitous sight, whether in villages in developing countries or in US city centres. In the UK, the range has traditionally been restricted to the 3,500kg to 7,500kg end of the market...

Click here to download the complete Isuzu N75.190 roadtest.


Iveco Eurocargo  ML75E16S 7.5-tonne

Cargo, launched in 1981 by Ford and bought by Iveco in 1986, had the sort of reputation enjoyed by Transit in the van market.

It wasn’t attractive, but its effectiveness was instrumental in helping the vehicle grab a majority stake in the 7.5-tonne market.

Iveco moved the brand forward by replacing the Cargo with Eurocargo in 1993 and closing the Langley plant in 1997, thus ending the Ford alliance...

Click here to download the complete Iveco Eurocargo roadtest.


Iveco Stralis AT260 S33 Y/PS 26-tonne rigid

Normally, Commercial Motor spends two days hauling our 7-tonne test trailer from the Midlands to Scotland and back again, putting various tractor units through their paces over different types of terrain.

Emphasis for the Scottish route is placed firmly on trunking, and motorways and dual carriageways dominate. The section from Carlisle to the A1 is the only part of the route that has a 40mph single carriageway, and Durham is the only urban area we flirt with...

Click here to download the complete Iveco Stralis AT260 roadtest.


Mercedes-Benz Atego 816 7.5-tonne rigid

There’s no denying that the Mercedes-Benz Atego range is reaching the final stages of its product cycle, but in the UK marketplace it is still routinely one of the top three sellers at 7.5 tonnes.

Although a new model can’t be far away, development of today’s version certainly hasn’t stopped. Behind the familiar face, new technology such as automated transmissions, EEV low-emissions engines and engine stop/start systems are now available...

Click here to download the complete Mercedes-Benz Atego 816 roadtest.


Volvo FE320 26-tonne rigid

Don't be confused by the Swedish number plates on this left-hand-drive Volvo FE, because this isn't one of those trucks that will never be available in the UK. The FE320 6x2 rigid is very much for sale in Blighty, and the foreign plates are only because Volvo doesn't have a right-hooker on its UK demo fleet.

The FE is offered with a choice of three cabs - the Short Day, Medium and Long Sleeper. All are equipped with a six-cylinder 7.2-litre engine, with ratings of 240hp, 280hp and 320hp...

Click here to download the complete Volvo FE320 roadtest.




DAF CF85.460 44-tonne tractor

Few would argue that Daf’s press test operation is among the best when it comes to presenting trucks in optimum condition for our rigorous evaluation process.

We rarely get our hands on examples with less than 40,000km behind them and they are always presented honestly but in tip-top condition. The preparation of this test truck was up to par, but we were surprised to find its digital tachograph reading just 8,500km at the start of the test...

Click here to download the complete DAF CF85.460 roadtest.


Iveco Stralis AS450 Super3 44-tonne tractor

Few mid-life model revisions can have arrived amid as much ballyhoo as did the Iveco Stralis back in the spring of 2007. It coincided with the launch of Iveco’s aggressive marketing campaign with sponsorship of the All Blacks rugby team at its head.

We won’t dwell on the fact the All Blacks took a rugby world cup early bath, nor will we mention the unfortunate issue of the new model’s hasty renaming. But behind all this showbiz is a revised Stralis...

Click here to download the complete Iveco Stralis Super3 roadtest.


Iveco Stralis 450 AT 44-tonne tractor

When in late 2007, Iveco UK managing director Henk van Leuven publicly committed the Italian truck-maker to gaining a 15% share of the British heavy truck market by 2011, it caused a few eyebrows to rise.

It was, and still is, a ‘big ask’. Iveco has to first climb over Renault, MAN and Mercedes-Benz (to name but three) before it reaches the ‘Promised Land’. And with its current share of the UK tractor market at just 5.7%, you do the maths...

Click here to download the complete Iveco Stralis 450AT roadtest.


Iveco Stralis 44-tonne tractor (used)

The revamp of Stralis in 2007, five years after its initial launch, gave Iveco a true shot in the arm. Already the first manufacturer to go with automated transmissions as standard, subsequently followed by MAN and Volvo, it updated the cab design and sharpened up its array of electronics.

Coupled with an incredible sponsorship deal with the New Zealand All Blacks’ rugby team, the Italians looked set to take the world by the scruff of the neck and drive it back to its own five-yard line...

Click here to download the complete Iveco Stralis (used) roadtest.


Iveco Ecostralis 44-tonne tractor

Iveco launched EcoStralis in the UK in February this year, claiming that it would guarantee maximum productivity and minimise running costs.

Compared with a standard Stralis, the EcoStralis includes a revised Euro-5/EEV engine, modified automated transmission, a tall final-drive ratio, Michelin’s X Energy Savergreen low-rolling resistance tyres and an air-kit as standard, plus several driver aids and management services such as telematics...

Click here to download the complete DAF CF85.460 roadtest.


MAN TGX 44-tonne tractor (used)

At the turn of the year the newly appointed MAN TopUsed sales director set out his plan to revamp and reignite the used truck market for the German manufacturer (CM 23 December 2010).

Rael Winetroube pointed to MAN’s desire to grow its vehicle parc and market share, and to manage its own remarketing operation to develop its retail proposition. With Euro-6 closing in fast, MAN is looking to sell new trucks today that will become the late-year trucks available for operators in 2012 and 2013...

Click here to download the complete Used MAN TGX 44-tonne roadtest.


MAN TGX 44-tonne tractor

Nobody banged the drum louder than MAN when it came to championing exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) as the best way of cutting NOx to meet Euro-4 exhaust emissions limits. Its clever ‘add nothing’ tag line underscored the fact that, unlike the majority of their rivals, MAN trucks need no AdBlue to keep their emissions on the right side of the law.

MAN rammed home its point when its TGA 26.440 tractor unit won our CM 1,000-Mile Test (CM, 28 September 2006) at 44 tonnes...

Click here to download the complete MAN TGX 44-tonne roadtest.


Mercedes-Benz Actros 2546LD 44-tonne tractor

Welcome to our first tractor unit road test for almost a year, our heavy truck test programme a sad victim of a climate where most manufacturers’ press fleets have taken on the demeanour of a tortoise with an embarrassing skin condition.

Hopefully, now the sun is out and the prevailing wind is behind the trailer, a few more might pop their heads out. This isn’t the most powerful or the biggest truck CM has ever tested. It isn’t the fastest, the quietest or even the most economical...

Click here to download the complete Mercedes-Benz Actros roadtest.


Mercedes-Benz Axor 44-tonne tractor (used)

Axor tractor units were introduced early in 2002, apparently as a direct result of Mercedes’ UK management urging their bosses in Germany to come up with a fleet distribution tractor that could compete more closely with the likes of Daf’s CF85 and Volvo’s FM.

The Actros was not competitive at this lower end of the sector, leaving Mercedes languishing in seventh place in the UK tractor unit market in 2001...

Click here to download the complete Mercedes-Benz Axor roadtest.


Renault Premium 45.24 TML E5 44-tonne tractor

Renault Trucks, like its contemporaries, has been busy tweaking its vehicles’ specifi cations to provide state-of-theart products to operators.

In the Premium’s case this evolution has included an automated transmission. This will be welcomed by operators keen to deal with less competent drivers, especially in the larger fleets. The Premium, unlike most of its competitors, suffered from poor market perception in its early days, not least because of its no-frills cab...

Click here to download the complete Renault Premium roadtest.


Renault Magnum 500 Classic Cab 44-tonne tractor

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, right up to the point when the Renault Magnum is finally retired: when this towering French powerhouse was unveiled it changed the way we thought about long-haul tractors.

We’d seen other high-roof cabs, but this was the fi rst to boast a totally fl at floor – and nothing else had a driveline insulated from the drivers’ environment in quite the same way as the Magnum.

Click here to download the complete Renault Magnum roadtest.


Scania R620 Topline Griffin tractor

No doubt Scania’s engineers know the ancient Latin expression ‘sic transit gloria mundi’, which translates loosely as ‘all glory is fleeting’. Back in September 2005 they unveiled their fi re-breathing 620 V8 as “the most powerful series production truck on the market”.

Five months later they must have choked on their pickled herring upon hearing the news that the ‘other’ Swedish truck maker had launched a 16-litre in-line six rated at 660hp...

Click here to download the complete Scania R620 roadtest.


Scania R440 LA6x2/4MNA Highline 44-tonne tractor

Although we encountered more than the usual number of truck spotters around the CM Scottish route, we couldn't help but wonder if they realised the actual significance of the white Scania passing beneath their feet.

There were few enough clues, just an unfamiliar number on the grille, and while certain rivals may have been tempted to cover the cab in graphics depicting sheep gambolling in green pastures, or dolphins frolicking in the surf...

Click here to download the complete Scania 440 roadtest.


Scania R440 Topline 44-tonne tractor

At the start of the year, Cumbrian-based businesses Stobart Group and AW Jenkinson Forest Products ordered 1,000 Scania trucks in a joint-procurement deal. And since March, the new arrivals have been trickling into service (800 for Stobart and the rest for Jenkinson).

Year-to-date figures published by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders up to and including September 2010 show the market is down 19.8% to 18,843 registrations, compared with 23,503 last year.

Click here to download the complete Scania R440 roadtest.


Volvo FH13.480 44-tonne tractor

Let’s face it, 2006 was a disappointing year for Commercial Motor heavy truck tests. What with all the ballyhoo over SCR and EGR, few manufacturers were prepared to risk a bad test result from a Euro-4 artic.

Consequently, they were like hens’ teeth when it came to getting one for a full test around our Scottish route. Fortunately, CM’s 1,000 Mile Euro-4 Group Test went a long way to separating the sheep from the goats. But it’s only now that we’re getting phone calls asking: “Would you like to test our new tractor?”

Click here to download the complete Volvo FH13.480 roadtest.


Volvo FM13.430 40-tonne tractor

It's not wise to overlook the means to an end when you are weighing up a package to buy a fleet of trucks. No doubt countless operators have experienced the irony of changing supplier with the promise of a cheaper, yet better deal, only th find the trucks' performance and the dealers' back-up fails to deliver.

Build quality is now a given, and fuel eocnomy can be established during any trial process to ensure you aren't buying into a fiasco. When it comes to cost and aftermarket, sales teams shouldn't have to make any promises...

Click here to download the complete Volvo FM13.430 roadtest.


Volvo FM11.430 LXL GT 44-tonne tractor

Picture the scene. Driver: "Eh boss,is that right my new motor is one of those little Volvo FMs... What's happened to my FH?"
Gaffer: "Gone, old son. From now on, we're not buying any more big cabs for you trunkers."
Driver: "But I'll never get all my kit in it!"
"Gaffer: "Yes, you will. It's the new Globetrotter LXL with extra storage space and it's also got the I-Shift auto, so you won't have to work so hard either."
Driver: ''Aye, well... just don't expect me to like it..."

Click here to download the complete Volvo FM11.430 roadtest.


Volvo FM11.410 GLXL 40-tonne tractor

2010 will go down in the annals of truck road testing history as the year of the reality check. When the current inventory of press fleet trucks was ordered this time last year, with the European truck industry on the back foot, the green shoots of recovery were still struggling to find daylight and demonstrators needed to be relevant to volume sales.

No more five-star gin palaces with Formula 1 power and so much torque that they need automatic clutches to avoid upsetting the earth’s rotation...

Click here to download the complete Volvo FM11.410 roadtest.


Volvo FM11.450 Globetrotter 44-tonne tractor

It can’t have escaped your notice that the frequency of our top-weight artic tests has been rather erratic lately. It’s not that we’ve suddenly got lazy – we still have four fully licenced road testers on the full-time staff, chomping at the bit in readiness. It’s not that we don’t like the North, either.

One of the team actually chooses to live within an hour’s drive of the overnight halt at Gretna, a few yards across the Scottish border, and yours truly is quite partial to the cuisine up there. No, quite simply, it’s down to two factors...

Click here to download the complete Volvo FM11.450 roadtest.




DAF CF85.410 32-tonne tipper

The Daf CF85 is as about as successful and versatile a truck as you could hope to find. It’s an award-winning fleet tractor but it also makes a drawbar prime mover, and is the industry’s leading four-axle chassis cab. Not that it stands out in any particular area.

The CF85 is neither the lightest vehicle in its class, nor the most frugal, nor the cheapest. But it’s a reliable, seasoned all-rounder with a long production history and – perhaps more importantly – is known to have decent back-up...

Click here to download the complete DAF CF85.410 roadtest.


DAF CF75.360 26-tonne tipper

The DAF CF75 is the archetypal all-rounder. Steady and reliable, it forgoes any flashy gimmicks and crafty marketing campaigns more commonly associated with other products on the market. It is, to all intents and purposes, a gaffer’s truck, and the facts don’t lie.

According to the figures published by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, DAF Trucks finished 2009 with 29.8% of the 29,528 trucks registered at 6.0-tonnes and above...

Click here to download the complete DAF CF75.360 roadtest.


Mercedes-Benz Axor 3240K 32-tonne tipper

Mercedes-Benz has long been a significant player in the construction sector, most recently with the Actros 8x4.

That model's toughness has never been in doubt, but the inevitable pay-off means it's never been a particularly attractive proposition where payload is crucial. After the odd false start trying to lighten the Actros, and a realignment of model branding, the answer has turned out to be the Axor...

Click here to download the complete Mercedes-Benz Axor roadtest.


Renault Premium Lander 32-tonne tipper

For long enough,Renault's sole offering to the tipper market was the Kerax.

Undeniably bulletproof enough for the toughest muckaway operations, it could do with losing a bit of weight for more highway-based work.

A fully-specced Kerax with a steel body could weigh in some two tonnes over the rivals' lightweight alloy-bodied products, a figure that would not help your earnings potential when tipping asphalt into a Barber Green.

Click here to download the complete Renault Premium Lander roadtest.


Group Tests


Tipper 2007: 26-tonne tipper group test

Six manufacturers of 6x4 chassis-cabs gathered at a Gloucestershire quarry to battle it out at Tipper 2007.

• Iveco Trakker AD260T33
• MAN TGM 26.330
• Mercedes-Benz Axor 2633k
• Renault Kerax 370
• Volvo FE 320
Click here to read the complete 2007 26-tonne tipper group test.


2007 1,000-point group test

For this 1,000-point group test our Continental counterparts compared three tractors. We had been expecting four trucks, but on the day there was one less, the fourth presumbaly staying at home to watch the rugby.

• DAF XF105
• Mercedes-Benz Actros
• Volvo FH400 Globetrotter
Click here to read the complete 2007 1,000-point group test.

2008 32-tonne tippers group test

We put five lightweight aggregate tippers through their paces to see which has the power, the performance and the productivity.

• DAF CF84.410
• Hino 700 (at Euro-4)
• Iveco Trakker AD34T36K
• Mercedes-Benz Axor (at Euro-4)
• Scania P-Series (at Euro-4)
Click here to read the complete 2008 32-tonne tippers group test.


2008 1,000-point test – flagship tractors group test

The manufacturers Iveco, Scania, Mercedes-Benz and MAN each provided us with a top-spec flagship tractor to put through its paces in our 2008 1,000-point test.

• Iveco Stralis 560
• MAN TGX 18.540 BLS XXL
• Mercedes-Benz Actros
• Scania R560
Click here to read the complete 2008 1,000-point Flagship Tractors group test.


2008 1,000-point test – fleet tractors

Four marques battled it out to be crowned champion of Commercial Motor's 1,000-point fleet tractor group test:

• DAF XF105.460
• MAN TGX 18.440
• Mercedes-Benz Actros
• Scania R440 Highline
Click here to read the complete 2008 1,000-point Fleet Tractors group test.


2009 7.5-tonne and 18-tonne tippers group test

Things are getting a little heavier down in the quarry in our 2009 lightweight tipper group test...

• Isuzu Forward N75.190
• MAN TGL 8.180
• Iveco Eurocargo 75E 16K
• MAN TGM 18.240
• Volvo FLH 18.280
Click here to read the complete 2009 tippers lite group test.


2009 1,000-point test – gaffer’s motors

Four 'modestly' powered tractors go head to head in Commercial Motor's 2009 1,000-point test - and this time the fight is closer than ever as the Gaffer's motors battle it out...

• MAN TGX 18.400
• Mercedes-Benz Actros
• Scania R400 Highline
• Volvo FH420 Globetrotter
Click here to read the complete 2009 1,000-point Gaffer's Motors group test.


2009 1,000-point test – biggest cabs and most popular engines

Testing the biggest cabs available with the most powerful engines possible is the aim of this 1,000-point group test.

• DAF XF105.460 SuperSpace
• MAN TGX 18.480 XXL
• Mercedes-Benz Actros
• Scania R480 Topline.
Click here to read the complete 2009 1,000-point test - biggest cabs and most popular engines.


Tipper 2010 Group Test

Tipper 2010 Group Test featuring:

• DAF CF85.410
• Iveco Trakker AD340T36K
• Mercedes-Benz Axor
• Scania P360
• MAN TGS 35.400
• Mercedes-Benz Actros
Click here to read the complete Tipper 2010 group test.


2010 heavy haulage tractors group test

2010 heavy haulage tractors group test featuring:

• MAN TGA 37.530
• MAN TGX 41.540
• Mercedes-Benz Actros
• MAN TGX 41.680
• Volvo FH16-700
Click here to read the complete 2010 heavy haulage tractors group test.


2010 400hp Fleet Tractor 1,000-point test

This time, we've got four 400hp fleet tractors to evaluate in our rigorous 2010 1,000-point fleet tractor group test.

• MAN TGS 18.400 LX
• Mercedes-Benz Axor
• Scania G420 LA4x2
• Volvo FM410.
Click here to read the complete 2010 1,000-point group test.


2011 18-tonne rigids

The 18-tonner needs to be adept at urban delivery, specialist work and tackling the long haul. Commercial Motor puts three of the leading products through their paces.

• MAN TGM 18.240
• Renault Midlum 240.18
• Scania P340 DB4x2
Click here to read the complete 18-tonner group test.