Here's why you should buy a Euro-5 used Scania right now

A cheap Scania used truck? What's the catch?

It is often the case that statistics can be interpreted so as to flatter whatever claims are being made, and in the fiercely competitive truck market that is definitely so. Some manufacturers quote figures for vehicles above 7.5 tonnes; others might draw the line slightly higher at 12 or 16 tonnes, and others might forget that smaller urban trucks exist at all.

One thing that cannot be manipulated, though, is what vehicles you see on the road, and over the past decade Scania has been a dominant force for tractor units. This was particularly true in the final two years of Euro-5 when Scania was the market leader in 6x2 tractor units. While there isn’t a breakdown showing the engine emission standard of vehicles sold in 2014 – the year of Euro-5 derogation and first full year of Euro-6 sales – the number of trucks returning to market suggest a healthy proportion were Euro-5 tractors, with Scania proving an ever-popular choice.

Historic factors such as the lower-than-usual sales of Euro-6 at its initial roll-out and the higher-than-expected uptake of late-Euro-5 trucks will have a bearing on the market for years to come, but in the meantime, the abundance of stock looks to be working in favour of those looking for a second-hand Euro-5 truck.

Low emission zones may dictate whether you should or will be able to operate Euro-5 trucks, but Scania (GB) sales director Andrew Jamieson believes there is value to be found in the used market. “It is obviously true that a Euro-6 product produces significantly improved levels of emissions, particularly NOx and particulates, and this is the reason that all low emission zones are based on this level,” he says.

“When it comes to timeframes, it will probably be late 2020 when there will not be enough Euro-6 vehicles to serve everyone and prices are likely to rise further in the used market for Euro-6 products – effectively increasing the differential over Euro-5. When we reach the end of 2020 there will be roughly 6.5 years of Euro-6 supply across a 10-year vehicle parc and, in simple terms, the balance will need to be made up of Euro-5 products. With the price differentials increasing between Euro-6 and Euro-5 products, for those operators that can still use Euro-5 there should be a good selection available and some good deals to be had.

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“The last of the Euro-5 products were well established, very reliable and better on fuel. Euro-5 trucks represent good value for money for operators not constrained by the implications of low emission zones and in need of Euro-6 products.”

Despite only Euro-6 trucks being available to buy from new, Dan Betts, commercial sales manager at The Fleet Auction Group, says Euro-5 is still the staple of the second-hand market. While Euro-6 prices remain high because of lack of supply, Euro-5 trucks are relatively cheap, but maintain their value.

“We haven’t had the cliff edge – and I don’t want to call it that because I hope it will never happen – of Euro-5 values yet, but on 18 tonnes and upwards there hasn’t been a drop-off in demand. Aside from 7.5-tonners that have seen pain probably because of licensing and other factors, market and auction prices continue to be stable, albeit lower than might have been expected,” says Betts.

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A top tipper for £59,950

Having the last of the late Euro-5s is certainly a bonus when it comes to getting the best vehicle for your money. The fact that they are Euro-5 does not hamper their resale appeal and value. It’s no exception for tippers and because they are often needed in city environments, delivering to building sites or other construction projects, low emission zone requirements are even more appropriate.

That hasn’t, however, affected the price of this Scania P405 8x4. This 2013 tipper with a Boweld Taperlite body has an onboard weighing system, auto sheeting and tailgate door, as well as reversing cameras. It has covered just 190,000km, making it not only a young but a very low-mileage example. That uniqueness is reflected in the price, but at £59,950 it’s got both age and a whole lot more miles on its side.


Customised charm for £21k

Another example of an oldie-but-goodie, this 2009 R-series was once the pride and joy of Shotton Haulage and, despite being only a humble R480, it has all the appearance of a head-turning V8 show truck with a full set of top lights, four air horns and hidden LED strobes behind the grille. There’s also full leather upholstery, fridge/freezer and Bluetooth system with a DAB radio. For a 10-year-old truck that has been in daily use it has covered a modest 828,123km.

The asking price of £21,000 might seem steep compared with the other R480s you’ll find in the back pages of this magazine, but the difference in appearance and subsequent appeal between this and a defleeted supermarket-spec wagon is obvious.

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Excellent residuals and now only £9,000

The lack of a front-facing picture on this listing still doesn’t detract from that is an otherwise pretty interesting prospect. The 2007 Scania R480 might be more than 11 years old, but it looks to still be in a fantastic condition. It has a manual 12-speed transmission and a Topline sleeper cab, but most interesting of all is the price. Law Exports Truck Centre want just £8,950 for this 6x2 which tells us two things. It could be exceptionally cheap traction and that Scania’s really do hold their value really well even into their teenage years.

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Long bodied flatbed for just a little under £20k

In a previous hunt for a cheap Euro-5 DAF we found that rigid prices were on the whole more buoyant than tractor units, so as a result we focused on used 4x2s and 6x2s tractor units. Euro-5 Scania prices, however, haven’t been insulated quite so much, so bargains are available across their range. Take this 2011 Scania G280 dropside as an example. It has a 31ft body and comes with half leather, cruise control and an exhaust brake.

It has covered 600,000km and is being sold by Junction 6 Commercials and is listed as available for export, but the extra-long body and good condition of the vehicle makes us think that for £19,750 it could be a great buy for the right UK business .

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Crazy low mileage for just £25,000

While you’ll still find a few Euro-5 trucks at the main dealerships of Scania, Andrew Jamieson tells us “as a franchised dealer network we’re already moving towards virtually all Euro-6 products in our used portfolio.” This means we’ve turned to a specialist like Keltruck to find a decent Euro-5 bargain. Low mileage Euro-5s are pretty hard to come by, and by low mileage we’re talking about something with a fraction less than 100,000km per year, but how about this for a low-mileage find.
Registered in April 2013, this Scania R440 6x2 has covered just 300,000km. That’s not a misprint, this truck really has covered less than 60,000km per year, and for just £25,000.
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