How to create the perfect advert on Commercial Motor used trucks in 4 simple steps


The perfect advert can help you sell your used tractor unit, rigid, trailer or van faster and for more money, so it’s worth investing some time into. Here are 4 tips to help you create the ideal ad.

1. Show it off

It’s important to add good quality images which showcase the exterior and interior of your vehicle. From as little as £35 + VAT you can post 10 images on You should also take full advantage of the free video uploading functionality on all listings. It doesn’t have to be much, just a quick walk-around filmed on a smartphone will enable you to show your buyers exactly what you’re selling.

2. Include detail

As well as the standard vehicle specifications such as the make, model and year, include any appealing optional extras such as a special trim, sat-nav or air-con. Also add any relevant extra information about the vehicle you’re selling. The number of previous owners, your reason for selling and any modifications may all be of interest to potential buyers. The more specs and info you can provide, the more search terms your listing will be shown under.

3. Be honest

Be honest about the condition of the vehicle and include any defects you’re aware of. For every truck there is a buyer, so being frank about the condition will help the right buyer find your listing.

4. Be clear & concise

Be clear and concise. Don’t use block capitals, avoid cliché’s such as “great for age” and “priced to sell” and keep away from vague terms such as “good runner”. We’ve found the perfect length for an online listing to be between 50-100 words.

Following these steps will ensure that your used vehicle has the best chance of selling quickly and for a good price. So now you have the know-how, what are you waiting for? Tens of thousands of users browse Commercial Motor used vehicles each month, looking to buy used tractor units, vans, rigids and trailers. List your vehicle today.

Ocado extends its investment in CNG

Online grocery retailer Ocado has ordered a further 30 IVECO Stralis NP tractors powered by compressed natural gas (CNG). The move follows an initial investment in 29 Stralis NP 4x2 tractors in mid-2018.

Ten of the latest blended biomethane-powered trucks have already gone into service, with the remainder due to follow this year.

The Stralis NP 400 4x2s, powered by a Cursor 9 Euro-6 gas engine, deliver the same output of 400hp and 1,700 Nm of torque as diesel equivalents, according to IVECO. Each vehicle emits 50% less NOx and 95% less particulate matter than current Euro-6 limits, as well as 95% less CO2, it says.

“The performance of the first batch of Stralis NPs has been great,” commented Graham Thomas, fleet operations manager at Ocado Group. “We’ve now clocked up more than 4,000,000km under gas power, and we know we can comfortably cover a 550km range when operating longer routes with our single-deck trailers.

“We didn’t order any new diesel trucks in 2019. Indeed, since our investment in the refuelling site in Hatfield and our first 29 CNG trucks, we have reviewed the market carefully and looked at where the various manufacturers stand in terms of natural gas technology. We are fully confident we are heading in the right direction – hence the order for a further 30 IVECOs.”

In January last year, Ocado self-funded the purchase of an onsite grid-connected gas refuelling station at its Hatfield Customer Fulfilment Centre, which was designed and built by Gasrec and features two double-sided gas dispensers. Ocado’s investment in the initial tranche of trucks and this refuelling station totalled £3m, said a Gasrec spokesperson.

A second phase of development is underway to add further gas storage capacity at the site and increase its resilience with dual operating compressors. Phase two, which together with the new batch of trucks has involved a further investment of £1.5m, should be completed in the third quarter of this year, said Gasrec.