How to sell a used truck, trailer or van with Commercial Motor online


Commercial Motor has been serving the UK road transport industry for more than 110 years, making it the oldest commercial vehicle publication in the world, and a brand trusted by truck buyers.

Commercial Motor Used Trucks receives tens of thousands of users looking to buy used tractor units, vans, rigids and trailers each month. This makes it the perfect place to post your listing whether you are a one-off seller or a dealership. Check out the gallery below for extra figures about the used truck site.

To post a listing for four weeks on costs as little as £35 + VAT. This package also includes detailed product information and up to 10 images.

Follow our 5 easy steps and you can have your ad posted in under 5 minutes.

Step 1: Product

Enter product information such as vehicle type, make, model and year. Here you can also add any additional detail like usage, condition and extra features.

Step 2: Pricing

Fill in pricing information and vehicle specs such as body type, emissions, axle config, wheelbase, mileage and power amongst others.

Step 3: Images

Upload up to 10 images and an optional YouTube video which accurately represent your vehicle or trailer.

Step 4: Contact details

Enter your contact details as well as pick-up and delivery information.

Step 5: Post

Preview your listing and post it when happy.

Sellers can upload a YouTube video to display alongside their photos. It doesn’t have to be much, just a quick walkaround filmed on a smartphone will be more than enough to show your buyers exactly what you’re selling.

“I have advertised numerous vehicles on The quality of the enquiries are great and have regularly resulted in a sale.” Mike Rudkin, director, Crofton Commercials

Click here to sell your vehicle or trailer and register for a free account if you don’t already have one. In your account you can edit your ad after posting, view your invoice and sign up to email alerts.

Once your advert is published, you can choose to make it a 'featured' listing for just £10 and see it appear on our website homepage.

And for even greater impact, why not place it in Commercial Motor magazine or our fortnightly email newsletter for used truck buyers?

Video highlights from the CV Show 2019

The CV Show is the perfect showcase for everything great about the UK commercial vehicle industry. Here are our video highlights from the 2019 show.

With just DAF Trucks and MAN Truck & Bus as the only manufacturers exhibiting at thir year's CV Show, Commercial Motor editor Will Shiers explains why everyone - especially all the truck manufacturers - should be at the show. He talks to the two truck makers, as well as one of the CV Show's longest standing supporters as well as Sir Mike Penning MP, who is definitely impressed by the exhibitions:

Why everyone should be at the CV Show


It's was unveiled at the IAA in Hannover in 2018 but the zero-emission MAN CitE concept vehicle has made it as far as the CV Show. We check out the story behind this low-entry, high-visibility concept truck that promises to make urban driving both safer and easier:

MAN CitE - concept truck or genuine article?


Dutch-spec low roof trucks, like this DAF XF Comfort Cab, are undergoing a resurgence. We look at the case, for owning this special order DAF truck. Would you give up the room of a DAF XF SuperSpace cab for one of these, or would you upgrade from a DAF CF into a full-width cab but still with a low-roof? :

Low roof DAF XF Comfort Cab is so retro cool


Vision Track's anti distraction system monitors driver behaviour to deter bad habits while driving. The in-cab system looks for tired or distracted drivers and can identify mobile phone use behind the wheel, smoking in the vehicle and it can even tell if you're texting. Reports and alerts can also be sent directly to the fleet manager to help improve driving standards:

Vision Track's innovative anti-distraction system makes roads safer


SNAP Account explains how spare space for overnight truck parking could be earning hauliers some serious money: With thousands of depots and yards left empty at night as vehicles go to work, operators could be cashing in on their spare space by having other drivers use their parking facilities. Watch our video to find out how your empty yard could be turned in to thousands of pounds of additional income.

How you could earn £££ with SNAP Account truck parking


Highlights from the MAN stand including the limited edition MAN TGX Black Lion truck, a brand new engine that meets the Euro-6d emissions regulations and a chassis cowl version of the MAN TGE van that is bound to become a popular choice:

MAN CV Show 2019 stand highlights ¦ A Week In Trucks


An increase in the number of hybrid and electric vehicles on the roads increases the risk of pedestrians and other vulnerable road users not hearing their apporach. Brigade's Quiet Vehicle Sounder for electric and hybrid vehicles has the potential to save lives by emitting a unique noise to alert other road users to their approach:

Electric vehicle noise generator from Brigade will save lives