Used Mercedes-Benz Antos: 12 common issues


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Antos is, as we mentioned, effectively just a day-cabbed version of the Actros, and as such many of the problems to look out for are common to both.

The majority of used Antos on the UK market are rigid-bodied, so it is on those vehicles we have concentrated when compiling this list.

We’ve also retained those points which refer to older Euro-5 vehicles, having been assured by Roy Simpson that the market is still strong.


1. Radiator

Grille-mounted radiator vents are designed to be variable, opening up as the engine warms. Issues reported with these sticking.


2. Bumper

Bottom corner panels and front bumper are prone to damage due to being mounted so low.


3. Kerb Mirror

Kerb mirror can work loose.


4. Headlights

Excessive use of headlight bulbs. Doesn’t affect vehicles using xenon lights, so perhaps consider changing.


5. AdBlue

Multiple reports that all Euro-5 and Euro-6 engines are sometimes prone to engine management and AdBlue warnings on the dash, which largely turn out to be AdBlue sensor issues, although some pump replacements were needed as well. Check history for replacement.


6. Rear-axle casing

A recall was issued in 2017 because some rear-axle casings were cracking and leaking oil. In some examples this even led to failure of the axle casing entirely. Check whether or not the vehicle could have been affected by this, and if the part has been replaced.


7. Fuel lines

Some very recent examples were recalled in January this year because of leakage from high-pressure fuel lines. Check whether this applies and, if so, that the problem has been fixed.


8. Cruise control

Cruise control and drivers’ side window switches prone to showing wear.


9. Rattles

Front corner scoops near headlamps develop rattles.


10. Wipers

The windscreen wiper motors are prone to early failure.


11. TGM module

TCM module (gearbox control) leaks air on Euro-5 and early Euro-6 models. Again, check for replacement – major VOR failure.


12. Wiring looms

Early models (pre-63 plate) had water ingress via the wiring looms, which tracked down inside and damaged ECUs. There is a fix now, but worth checking it’s been done.

CM Show 2020: TRP looks the part and takes centre stage

TRP, the UK’s largest all-makes truck-and-trailer parts brand, supported by DAF Trucks, is to receive its own dedicated presence at the Commercial Motor Show.

Details of DAF genuine parts will be available on DAF Trucks’ main stand at the show.

With TRP experts on-hand to describe the TRP brand, show-attendees will experience a number of TRP’s many service offerings including the DAF Webshop, the online outlet which hosts the eCatalogue of TRP’s entire range, TRP’s national fleet programme and a special Direct Vision Standard (DVS) video to illustrate TRP’s retrofit capability with ‘HGV safety permit scheme’ equipment for London-bound operators.

All-makes LCV and vans
TRP has recently introduced an extensive range of Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) parts lines to satisfy the demands of larger fleet operators who include vans and light commercials among their fleet profiles. The move further underlines the TRP range’s one-stop-shop credentials which now boasts 85,000 lines – including lubricants from partner, Chevron – all produced to OE-quality standards and offered with a typically competitive aftermarket pricing structure.

The entire TRP range of parts and workshop consumables is accessible via the TRP eCatalogue located on the DAF Webshop. Password protected users may identify parts by chassis number, Part number or even competitor Part number, all with 24/7 purchase capability. The eCatalogue cross references parts, offers alternatives and suggests where related parts or consumables may be appropriate.

Accurate information on availability and delivery, alongside exclusive price arrangements, are available through the 134 DAF dealers, plus 19 standalone TRP stores, strategically located throughout the UK and Ireland.

National coverage, national consistency
The TRP national fleet programme is proving an invaluable parts management tool for DAF and mixed-fleet customers operating vehicles across multiple locations. The programme offers a coherent parts supply strategy delivered through the DAF Dealer network. It ensures consistently high levels of parts supply alongside a consistent pricing structure, irrespective of the parts’ origin from any of the DAF Dealer network’s 134 locations throughout the UK.

The national fleet programme offers a significant degree of planning, both budgetary and logistically, with operators able to implant TRP into their wider fleet management strategies.

HGV Safety Permit scheme retrofit guidance
The Commercial Motor Show also provides TRP with the opportunity to demonstrate its range of parts specifically to assist operators of vehicles exceeding 12-tonnes GVW with HGV safety permit scheme compliance.

Scheduled for enforcement in London from March 2021, the Direct Vision Standard poses a number of challenges for operators requiring specific retrofitted safety equipment prerequisite to obtaining an HGV safety permit scheme.

TRP has produced an insightful DVS safety permit video which provides comprehensive guidance on compliance, plus a full break-down of typical retrofit parts including blind-spot cameras, close proximity sensors, audible left-turn warning and side under-run protection.

Newly-appointed TRP parts marketing manager David Howes said: “Our TRP Parts operation showed an incredibly dedicated response during the coronavirus outbreak. Despite lockdown, all 134 DAF dealer locations remained operational, and that meant TRP parts were always available to front-line operators who performed such a critical role for the UK’s essential services.

“As we emerge from lockdown restrictions, we are thrilled at the opportunity to be able to engage with those same operators at the Commercial Motor Show and to talk to some new operators who I know will be impressed by the strength-in-depth of our TRP all-makes offering.”

The Commercial Motor Show is taking place from 29 September - 1 October, click here for more info and to register free.