Why a Euro-5 IVECO will be a bargain buy

The question you need to ask is can you afford not to buy a cheap Euro-5 truck?

There are a lot of preconceptions and misconceptions surrounding a used IVECO truck. Without wishing to perpetuate the myth, people in some quarters might not speak too highly of the Italian manufacturer’s products in the first-life, let alone their second. But, a used IVECO provides a different entry cost to the market compared with other brands, and therefore has a different typical customer.

“The audience for a used IVECO could possibly be anything from a start-up or an operator that doesn’t want to commit to the outlay of a new vehicle,” says Brett Reid, IVECO pre-owned manager. “It’s someone who maybe doesn’t have the capital, someone who wants peace of mind at an affordable rate, but who can still get the backing of a network.”

Like many manufacturers, IVECO offers its own brand of used trucks, sold here under the OK Trucks banner. The difference with the supply of IVECO trucks, compared with, say, Scania or DAF, is that the numbers in the market are a great deal smaller and that the typical customer might not be returning them after three, four or even five years. As a result, used stock levels and quality can vary significantly and when looking specifically at Euro-5, customers who have bought the last of the late-plate vehicles or those under derogation will likely be holding on to them for a while longer yet. This is particularly true of IVECO rigids, which tend to be run on even longer than other brands.

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Nevertheless, Reid says: “Looking at the portfolio of stock we have coming back, there are a healthy number of [Euro-5] tractors, but also Euro-5 rigid curtainsiders.

Group used sales manager at Guest Truck and Van Alan Phillips has seen first-hand the changing fortunes of Euro-5 vehicles over the past 12 months and says the audience for Euro-5s is getting smaller. “Guys walking in for Euro-5 are getting fewer and fewer, so much so that we are deciding on a weekly basis about our Euro-5 stock,” he says.

Yet, there is still demand and Phillips is happy to help those looking to bargain hunt their way around a Euro-5 used IVECO truck.

“The rigid market has always been quite healthy and I don’t think there is an abundance of Euro-6 rigid kit kicking about,” he argues.

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“People are waking up to the fact that it’s not only London that will need Euro-6, but there’s a realisation that if you’re not going into these other cities you might not need it [Euro-6] yet either. Businesses where transport isn’t the main thing are now suddenly realising the relevance of clean air zones, but the first questions we need to ask is are you looking for Euro-6 or Euro-5?”

One careful owner

You have to act quickly in the used truck market, which is why we end up searching for a rather pedestrian-looking Stralis in white. Our original choice was a prime Stralis 6x2 with all the kit you’d expect on a typical owner-driver’s truck. Best of all it had only done 200,000km and was exactly the sort of vehicle Brett Reid was advising to look out for. Sadly, when we made the call it had already been sold, so instead take a look at this appealing little number. It’s being sold by Walker Movements and is a 450hp Euro-5 6x2 with a host of features including air suspension, engine brake, electric mirrors and cruise control. It has covered 312,421km and seems well-priced. There is a drawback – its MoT has expired but it’s a 13-plate, so as Euro-5s go, it’s not even particularly old.

Find a similar Euro-5 Iveco Stralis 6x2: commercialmotor.com/1994266

Take advantage

And now for something completely different… Yes, it’s a van, not a truck, but IVECO has been making serious gains in the heavy van market over 3.5 tonnes. Alan Phillips at Guest Truck and Van reckons a 7-tonne or 7.2-tonne Euro-6 Daily wouldn’t be on his books for more than a couple of days, so why not apply the same logic to a Euro-5 large van? This IVECO Daily 70C17 has a Dhollandia tail-lift and reversing camera. It’s plated to 7 tonnes and is available from DC Commercials.

Buy a used Iveco Daily: commercialmotor.com/1991451

Unlimited options

Buying a cheap Euro-5 used truck and rebodying it sounds like a smart idea. You get a well-priced truck with the body you require for the same price as a Euro-6 that might not be what you’re after. With that in mind, what about these two used IVECO trucks as contenders for a body swap? The Eurocargo curtainsider in white is being sold by Britcom. It has an automatic gearbox, and a good selection of driver comforts, including cruise control and heated electric mirrors. It’s a 2012 truck and looks to be in great condition inside and out, making it an ideal candidate for a change of use (or to be run on as a curtainsider). If that doesn’t take your fancy, how about the 7.5-tonne Eurocargo box-body in a fetching shade of green? With just 240,000km on the clock, it certainly has a lot left to give. It doesn’t have the most luxurious of specs, but this is reflected in the price. It does have an automatic transmission, and the body is a 24ft GRP box, so if you intend to keep it bodied it could be great for multidrop use – just avoid those clean air zones as it is a Euro-5, remember.

Buy a used 7.5 tonne Iveco: commercialmotor.com/1993401

Special find

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: specialist kit will always find a home. Buying a Euro-5 truck with some sort of dedicated gear attached will mean there will usually (nine times out of 10) be a buyer who will find a use for it. It may of course take longer to find that special someone, but this IVECO Trakker 8x4 with grab crane is going to appeal to a wide audience. It has an automatic sheeting system, onboard weighing and reversing camera. It’s being sold by Addlestone Commercials for the sum of £21,495, which for a 61-plate is still strong money, but money that is likely to largely come back 12 months or so down the line should you choose to resell.

Find a used 8x4 Iveco truck: commercialmotor.com/1940666