Comic Relief and the truck business

Laurie Dealer, Mrs Dealer and the intrepid Sowing Circle has returned from town following the teams stint standing with buckets of loose shrapnel and attempting to interact with the locals.

Needless to say, Laurie Dealer's honed skills of negotiation came into its own and unsuspecting shoppers, drinkers, lay-abouts, and down and outs were duly separated from their loose change.

No one spotted and voiced recognition of the illusive Laurie Dealer but being a chartable sort the £10 has been donated, regardless.

Jobs a good un.

Laurie Dealer stars in Commercial Motor

Laurie Dealer appears in the current issue of Commercial Motor offering advice to operators looking to source vehicles from the second hand market.

On the whole Laurie Dealer is expecting the used market to change as momentum swings away from the buyer to the seller and with Euro-6 on the horizon the price of a Euro-5 truck will get more expensive until operators are forced to buy new.

No one as mentioned derogation yet, this is where manufacturers get to sell a percentage of its old technology sold in the 12 months prior to the Euro-6 deadline (in this case Euro-5) for a full year after cut-off date.

Plus Laurie Dealer offers his advice on what to look for when buying second hand; among key areas are warranty work, paperwork, bodywork, tyres and rims, engine, fuel tanks, ignition and dash lights, cab interior, and running the engine.

And, the guide to the basic Laurie Dealer test drive: make sure you're covered to drive it, stick a trailer on, try different types of roads, check the exhaust, check sundry equipment like cruise control, air-con and electrical equipment all work.

A roadtest might save you a packet.