Community Drivers' Hours etc Regs 2007 now in force, by Tim Ridyard

On 2nd July 2007 the regulations to facilitate the new Community Drivers' Hours Regulation EC 561/2006 came into effect after some delay.

These regulations
- list the various vehicle exemptions to the EU drivers' hours regs,and
- define the UK defence available to transport undertakings who otherwise will be automatically liable for the offences committed by their drivers ( and hence liable to prosecution themselves).

The regulation is 2007/1819. The full title is: Community Drivers' Hours and Recording Equipment Regulations 2007

Tim Ridyard is a partner, road transport lawyer & Higher Courts advocate, at Ipswich-based Barker Gotelee Solicitors.

Roadside production of tachos, by Tim Ridyard

Failure to supply sufficient records at the roadside is likely to be a Band C penalty of £120 under the intended graduated penalty scheme to be introduced later this year/ early next year. In the meantime it is sensible to use these guideline fixed penalties in court to persuade magistrates not to impose higher penalties.

Tim Ridyard