Bridge strike ends in licence curtailment


An investigation into a Macclesfield haulage firm following a bridge strike incident uncovered ineffective management control and carelessness in its approach to compliance, according to a traffic commissioner.

Domain Transport appeared before the North West TC after an incident in October 2019 when one of its drivers took a diversion and struck a bridge structure, causing debris to fall onto the West Coast mainline. The driver was later issued with a written warning for his failure to seek instructions from the company when he encountered the diversion. Domain had since adopted a policy on avoiding bridge strikes and the drivers were being given face-to-face training.

TC Gerallt Evans was notified of the bridge strike by Network Rail and a follow-up investigation found that company director Michael Swain had resigned from his position in September 2018 and reappointed in January 2019, but the TC’s office was not notified.

At a Golborne public inquiry, Swain told the TC that he had been advised to remove himself as director due to taxation reasons linked to his other business interests and when that advice was reviewed, he was reappointed. He said he was unaware of the need to notify the TC’s office.

The company held a licence for 20 vehicles and 25 trailers but bank statements submitted prior to the PI showed that its average balance fell short of the required amount of £92,500. Swain explained that the pandemic had impacted the company’s cash flow with delayed payment of invoices by customers

In a written decision, the TC said he would grant a period of grace to the company so that it could demonstrate it could meet financial standing on a permanent basis. He gave it credit for acting on its own initiative and seeking an audit prior to the PI, the findings of which were largely positive. But he said Swain’s resignation and reappointment were material changes to the licence that should have been notified:

“Whilst I find there was a failure to notify changes of directorship in this operator’s case, I accept that it was the result of oversight and not a deliberate attempt to mislead the traffic commissioner or conceal the true facts,” he said.

“However the oversight to record the changes does suggest a significant lack of care by the operator to its approach to complying with all aspects of the licensing regime and ensuing the licence record was kept updated.

“Similarly I find the bridge strike incident ought to have been notified by the operator to OTC as an event which could affect the good repute of the licence holder and transport manager.”

He cut the licence by three HGVs for two weeks.

Sponsored: Bandvulc delivers sterling service for MC Rental

  • Bandvulc transforms tyre service standards for major commercial vehicle rental firm
  • Fleet of more than 2,500 vehicles wholly monitored and managed by Conti360 Fleet Solutions through national service network 
  • Communication key to success for MC Rental, via key account contact, online platform and holistic management of processes
  • Combination of Bandvulc, Continental and Uniroyal tyres fitted to a wide-ranging mix of vehicles 

For commercial vehicle rental firm, MC Rental, Bandvulc has proven to be the perfect fit. Their decision to switch to Conti360 Fleet Solutions has not only delivered real-world benefits to the on-road performance of their extensive fleet but has allowed them the chance to improve their principal value – customer service.

MC Rental, based near the historic town of Maidstone in Kent, has established itself as one of the UK’s leading commercial vehicle solutions providers. The independently owned company offers businesses and operators the option to rent anything from 4x4’s and pick-up trucks, right through to 44-tonne tractor units and trailers. With a fleet comprising of more than 2,500 vehicles serving a multitude of industries, including construction, agriculture, haulage, municipal services and couriers, the company’s customers expect a holistic rental experience that they can depend on and trust. Rentals vary from a short-term hire to a full long-term contract hire solution with customer-specific liveries, dependent on each client’s individual needs.

“For us, it’s as much about the service offered by our tyre partner as it is about the product itself,” explains Nick, MC Rental’s Fleet Maintenance Manager. “The nature of the business means that we needed a supplier that could serve as an extension of our customer service. Clients depend on our fleet day in, day out, so fixing or replacing a tyre quickly, simply and efficiently is critical to us building and maintaining strong, long-lasting relationships. Since we took the step to transition to using Bandvulc, we’ve really been impressed with the results.”

Since choosing Bandvulc Nick and the MC Rental team are reliably delivering their renowned customer service and flexibility  “We’re in near-daily contact with the team at Conti360 to co-ordinate repairs, replacements and checks on our vehicles  to ensure roadworthiness. There’s a lot of co-ordination required to satisfy both our internal processes and those of our varying clients, but it’s handled brilliantly by their nationwide team.”

The MC Rental contract is overseen by Bandvulc and utilises the Conti360° Fleet Solutions programme. Offering a complete, all-round service that covers all aspects of tyre management, customers benefit from a Europe-wide network of rapid-response partners and service associates. Each are comprehensively trained to provide expert fitment, maintenance, inspection and breakdown support.

Ian Harris, National Fleet Key Account Sales Manager for Bandvulc with responsibility for the MC Rental contract said: “The Conti360° support network is vital for delivering the outstanding service upon which our relationship with MC Rental is built. Nick has the confidence that, upon reporting an issue, we can swiftly handle the whole solution management and delivery process from start to finish, whilst also supplying real-time cost and status updates through the online management platform. MC Rental operates on a pay-as-you-go contract, which offers great flexibility.

Harris explains, “With such a diverse range of vehicles operating across numerous sectors, environments and terrain, we utilise a broad range of Bandvulc, Continental and Uniroyal tyres to maximise efficiency and longevity. For the tractor units and rigids, we fit Continental Hybrid HS3+ to all steer axles, and Bandvulc BD08 to drive axles. Dependent on the size and load rating requirement of the lift or tag axle, we use Continental tyres for the 215/75R17.5 and the 315/60R22.5 and Bandvulc BVA2 on the 315/70R22.5. The rigid tippers policy is Uniroyal FM40 onsteer axle, while the drive axles utilise Bandvulc’s BDY3s. MC Rental’s van fleet is fitted with Uniroyal AllSeason Max.”

The winning formula of exceptional, customer-centric service, clear accountability, frequent communication and a market-leading range of tyres has seen Bandvulc secure its position as a critical supplier for MC Rental. “Working with Bandvulc has proven that, despite the challenges we face daily, it really is possible to deliver an excellent standard of tyre maintenance and service that meets the needs of all parties involved”, concludes Nick. “We have reassurance that Bandvulc and the Conti360° network will get the job done. Our customers are happy with the service they receive, as are we, and that’s the most important thing.”