Drivers warned of ro-ro hazards

Hauliers are being urged to highlight to their drivers the dangers of remaining in their cabs on ro-ro decks while at sea.

The warning from the Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) comes as it continues to investigate an incident on board the P&O ro-ro passenger ferry European Causeway last December.

The vessel was sailing from Larne, Northern Ireland, to Cairnryan, Scotland, in heavy weather when freight vehicles shifted and toppled over.

The MAIB found that at least six drivers had remained in their truck cabs during the crossing despite being told by the ship’s crew to vacate the ro-ro deck after they had parked their vehicles.

Four drivers were found in the freight vehicles that had toppled over, with one trapped until he could be freed by the emergency services in Cairnryan. No-one was hurt in the incident.

The MAIB said drivers remaining on deck pose a danger to themselves and can cause delays to the emergency response, particularly in the event of a fire. The investigation has recommended the RHA distributes a safety bulletin to its members and encourages them to take robust action and assure driver safety by helping ferry operators eliminate the problem.

A full report will be published when the investigation is complete. (Picture: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire/ PA Images)

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Applications and decisions from Scotland that caught our eye

New applications granted and authorised for Dan plant Dundee, WM Pringle & Son and Yusen Logistics stood out in this week's applications and decisions from the Office of the Traffic Commissioner.

  • Dan Plant Dundee has been granted a licence to run two lorries, but it must provide financial standing evidence to the traffic commissioner (TC) for June, July and August by 30 September.
  • S McCallum has been granted authorisation to run one lorry from an operating centre in Dumbarton, but the transport manager has been issued with an undertaking to complete a transport manager CPC refresher course by 31 July.
  • The TC has authorised Robert Ritchie & Partners to operate one lorry and one trailer from a base in Bishopton, Renfrewshire.
  • WM Pringle & Son has successfully applied to vary its licence and can now run 70 HGVs and 85 trailers out of its operating centre in Carluke, South Lanarkshire.
  • Trans Grace Logistics can operate three vehicles and three trailers out of its existing base on the Edinburgh coach and truck park.
  • C Carnevale has had a new undertaking attached to its licence upgrade from a restricted to a standard national and must nominate a second transport manager by 30 September.
  • Thomas A Barr has increased its authorisation at its Stewarton, Kilmarnock centre and can now run 15 HGVs and eight trailers.
  • Yusen Logistics is trading out of a new operating centre in Coatbridge and has been authorised to run eight lorries.

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