The eight applications and decisions that stood out this week - 12 January


Commercial Motor takes a look at some of the applications and decisions published this week including Palletline member Edge Transport and Pulleyn Transport 

Palletline member Edge Transport has applied to increase  the number of vehicles it can operate from its operating centre at Deeside Industrial Park to 45 vehicles and 65 trailers - it currently has authorisation for 35 vehicles and 55 trailers.

Temperature controlled haulier Pulleyn Transport has applied for an international licence for 70 vehicles and 47 trailers to operate from its site in Church Lane, Three Mile Cross, Reading.

D Simpson Services had been granted standard national authorisation for two vehicles to operate from an centre at Express Concrete, Ripple Road, Barking. Under the conditions of the licence the firm has been asked to provide evidence of the required level of finance for April, May and June this year to the central licensing office in Leeds no later than 31 July 2018.

Factor 60 Transport has applied for an O-licence for six vehicles and one trailer to operate from Chesterfield Way, Hayes.

P&S Bird is seeking authorisation to operate 17 vehicles and nine trailers from an operating centre at Shot Farm, Southend Rd, Wickford, Essex.

WE Jameson & Son has been given permission to extend its standard national licence to nine vehicles and two trailers at its existing operating centre at Foxholme Lane Mill, Ripon.

GTI Transport has been granted a standard national licence for five vehicles to operate from Avonbank Industrial Centre, Avonmouth, Bristol. Attached to the licence is an undertaking that Alec Hayden will be retained as transport manager until at least 30 November this year.

Lancebox has been granted an increase in its standard national licence at Manor Way Business Park, Swanscombe to 14 vehicles and three trailers.