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Brush-up on your tachograph knowledge and other common compliance pitfalls with our special webinar at 2pm on 16 October.

Experts from digital tachograph analysis specialists Aquarius will be explaining some of the top enquiries they get from their customers on drivers’ hours law, the working time directive, digital tachographs and other DVSA requirements.

Drivers Hours continue to be a headache for many operators and mistakes are easily made if you don’t know the rules.

The webinar will look to explain the consequences of drivers leaving gaps in tachograph records, clear up the confusing topic of reduced daily rest at the end of a working week and train or ferry rest regulations. Also covered will be incorrect manual entries when drivers leave tachograph cards in overnight as well as driver card requirements for non-UK drivers.

Other pitfalls also covered in the hour-long webinar will be record-keeping requirements in emergency situations and monitoring, identifying and accounting for missing kilometres when comparing driver cards and vehicle data.

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Something New!

CM facebook group

CM has set up something new, exciting and free of charge for our users to get involved with.

At the end of August, we created a new Facebook group for the latest truck and trailer stocks available on our website, and it has already amassed 644 members.

Adverts get posted throughout the day enabling you to stay up to date with the ever changing used-truck market. Those who opt to sell through CM are also entitled to post stock to the page whenever they like, too.

If the Facebook page continues to be a hit, we’ll set up another focused around light goods vehicles. Considering that there are over 1,600 used vans available on CMs website, there’s no reason not to.

Feel free to get involved and access the page at: