Fine and points for overtaking HGV driver

An HGV driver showed “complete disregard for the rules of the road” when he breached solid white lines on the A36 and overtook two vehicles.

Matthew Lobley, 46, has now been fined and received points on his licence after dash cam footage showed he was driving on the wrong side of the road in Wiltshire. The driver pleaded guilty to failing to comply with solid white line road markings at Salisbury Magistrates and fined £155 and given three penalty points.

In the footage, supplied by a member of the public to the police, Lobley can be seen driving along the A-road near Warminster, contravening the road markings to overtake two vehicles, with vehicles travelling in the opposite direction. Sgt Will Ayres of the roads policing unit said the stretch of road was the site of a double fatal collision in 2018 following a breach of the white line system and drivers should be taking extra care.

“It is only through good fortune that this complete disregard for the rules of the road to be a couple of cars ahead in the traffic didn’t result in a collision or worse,” he said. “You must not cross or straddle a white line. The only time this is acceptable it to pass a stationary vehicle, push bike, horse or road maintenance vehicle that is traveling at less than 10mph. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the member of the public who submitted the dash-cam footage that enabled this prosecution.”

Romac adds 10 CNG Ivecos to fleet

Romac Logistics has put 10 new Iveco S-WAY CNG tractor unit into service on its fleet of 220 trucks.

The 4x2 units will operate across a number of contracts that include work for a national supermarket chain as well as trunking between major RDCs for an e-commerce business.

Powered by a 12.9-litre Natural Power Cursor 13 engine producing 460hp and 2,000Nm of torque, Romac has also specified the trucks with the largest possible AS cab as well as TomTom satellite navigation and 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system.

Five of the gas trucks will be based out of Romac’s headquarters near Middleton in Manchester, with the other five working out of a depot in Wednesbury.

“Not only is there the important CO2 benefit, but there’s a cost advantage to gas fuelling so we intend to get these running as efficiently as possible, utilising them on double shifts over a 24hr period,” said Andy Newnes, Romac’s commercial director.

“CNG is something that we wanted to tap into as part of our sustainability agenda and that seems to resonate as a number of interested parties have approached us since we began shouting about the gas trucks,” he said.

Romac has partnered with CNG Fuels for a supply of 100% renewable biomethane, and with the trucks expected to cover around 160,000kms per year, an estimated 125 tonnes of CO2 will be saved per vehicle.

“CNG Fuels is delighted to be working with Romac Logistics and supporting them with their rollout of Bio-CNG trucks. These vehicles will be running on our 100% renewable and sustainable biomethane fuel, helping Romac and their clients achieve more than an 85% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions,” added Peter Eaton, sales & business director at CNG Fuels.

The trucks have been supplied by South West Truck & Van in Avonmouth on a 5-year IVECO Capital Operating Lease and will be covered by a 3XL repair and maintenance package.