Hauliers warned following spate of freight thefts

HGV drivers in Staffordshire are being urged to secure their vehicles and avoid laybys after a rise in freight crime in the county.

There has been an increase in lorries being targeted for their goods in recent weeks – in one incident thousands of pounds worth of televisions were stolen in Audley, north Staffs.

Police said they are now working in partnership with the Central Motorway Police Group, the national vehicle crime intelligence service and the RHA to increase patrols and target criminals, but they also said drivers need to do their bit too.

Chief Inspector Giles Parsons, commander of Stafford Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “We fully appreciate the impact this type of crime has on drivers, haulage companies and businesses as a whole.

“We are fully committed to taking necessary and pro-active measures to ensure we catch those responsible - deterring them from committing further crime.

“It’s important you listen to the advice and take the necessary precautions when parking up within our county.”

Drivers are asked to plan their journey in advance and if possible avoid insecure parking locations such as laybys.

They should always secure their lorry if left unattended and lock trailer doors while driving.

In addition, they should park with the trailer doors close to another vehicle or wall and to lock the cab and remove keys when loading or unloading.

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